Does PayPal Accept Prepaid Debit Cards?

On the off chance that your inquiry is, ‘Does PayPal accept prepaid debit cards?’ this article is for you.

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If you don’t have a debit card or a Visa, you’re constrained to buying stores and organizations that accept money or checks. A prepaid card from PayPal lets you add assets to the record and pay with the card, empowering you to buy supplies for your business at physical and online retailers that just accept credit or debit cards. You can likewise utilize this card to let your workers makes buys for the workplace.

If you want to use your existing prepaid card on PayPal, yes, it will work and you can find out more about that here. PayPal also issues their own prepaid card and you can learn about the advantages below.


Essential Use

Like most prepaid cards, you basically add assets to your card and afterward you can make buys from any retailer that accepts Mastercard. When subsidizes run out, you should top off the card. There are no overdraft or late expenses. At the point when you need to utilize your prepaid PayPal card, you just include cash. This technique functions admirably to furnish workers with organization cash to buy supplies.
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PayPal sends you cautions, either by means of content or email, at whatever point you make installments with your prepaid card. Along these lines, you can follow your spending even without a checkbook register. Moreover, you can legitimately store registers or certain installments with your PayPal prepaid MasterCard account without an expense. On the off chance that you as of now effectively utilize a PayPal business account, there are a couple of advantages to utilizing this prepaid card. You can interface it to your record to utilize the accessible equalization as opposed to including money. PayPal likewise offers cashback compensations for prepaid clients.



PayPal’s prepaid charge card administration protects every one of the assets you place into your record through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is a similar association that conventional banks use to safeguard cash in your checking or investment accounts. Should somebody take your card, you likewise get security through MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy like other MasterCard clients. On the off chance that somebody takes your card and it’s not connected to a PayPal account, they will just approach the assets accessible, which is an advantage of every single prepaid card.



You can reload your prepaid PayPal Mastercard at different physical areas. PayPal records more than 13,000 on its site, as of September 2012. Numerous corner stores like Speedway, supermarkets and check advance stores give this administration. Some Walgreens and Family Dollar areas additionally take an interest in the program. Furthermore, a few banks may enable you to add more assets to your prepaid card. You can look by area on the PayPal site to discover explicit stores that give this administration, and afterwards, you don’t have to go online to top off your card.

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