Does a Waist Trainer Work?

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that one of the things I like to do for fun is training at the gym. So a lot of people have been asking does a waist trainer work?

Yes, in my experience I have found that a waist trainer is very useful.

Watch the video below for my full review and answer to does a waist trainer work:

Types of waist trainers you can buy are shown below.



Does waist trainer help you lose weight?

Many women desire a small waist and the hourglass figure so people jump to asking does a waist trainer work?

This is based on my personal experience.

A waist trainer helps you tone your abs and tummy section, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

It can actually take around 2- 3 months to see any results at all.

It’s tricky for me to give an exact timeframe because every woman’s body is made up differently so there is no guarantee for does a waist trainer work.

On top of that, even though my tummy is quite flat now I keep wearing my waist trainer a couple of times a week because I find that consistency is key.

Also, one of the other benefits I have found is not anything to do with losing weight at all…

I like the support that it gives my back when I’m walking, holding my daughter or cleaning up around the house. I feel it has really helped my lower back relieve tension.


How to lose belly fat with waist trainer?

There is a brand-new craze called waist training which may help you in attaining this figure that is sought after, but is it safe and effective?

Waist trainers provide you with the appearance of a smaller waist straightaway if you wear it underneath your clothes (I did this shortly after having my daughter).

Where does the tummy fat go, does it all bounce back out?

The research – here’s what the research shows.

The majority of us have tried that strategy, while some doctors say its best to exercise and diet.

The truth is that waist coaches do work, in moderation.

The shape of the body changes once the waist trainer is put on, but it has to be worn for long time because of its consequences to last.

If you are wondering do waist trainers work well there are muscles on your waist, it’s no different from muscles after an injury.

The friction encourage shapeliness and will wear down some of the fat.

Some people like myself have seen outcomes that are positive a few claim a loss of around four inches in several weeks.

I would say that the very best route is to speak with a personal trainer to assist you (I am not a personal trainer, but speaking from my own experience).

Body fans and dieters frequently include trainer cinchers.

As well as, they exercise, eat more protein and less fat.

As a result, they’re already reaping the advantages of their work and fitness goals.

Subsequently, waist coaches benefits double when supplemented by increased activity and that a high protein diet.

Another advantage is a reduction within appetite because of the trainer, to put it basically you feel full quicker.

From my experience, I have found it does help with my appetite when it comes to cutting down on cravings – it’s like my stomach respects that it is full and doesn’t need any sneaky crisps or chocolates as often!

Many wear the waist coaches 10 or 12 hours a day every day.

For me, I do not recommend that. I leave it on for around 1 – 2 hours in the morning before a gym session or doing errands.

Pro Tip: When I am trying to tone up more aggressively I will take it into the gym and use it on the crosstrainer or bike.


Does a waist trainer work? The warnings

Dont wear them very tight as this could cause undue restriction of the diaphragm and limit deep breathing.

Waist training isn’t a project a pregnant woman should tackle until several weeks after delivery and always speak with your doctor first.

Also note, some people warn against utilizing them while working out because they have trouble breathing properly.

Another problem people point out is that waist trainers are bad for your spine and bones – I can’t comment on this because it’s not in my experience. I would say get a waist trainer that is the right size and please don’t overdo it by taking it too tight.

Surely, anyone could know to loosen the corset or remove it if which becomes an issue.

Finally, each client has to ascertain their individual tolerance for daily wear.



Retraining your muscles requires a commitment to daily training all year long, not after a week or two times a month.

When asking do waist trainers work? A solid commitment is needed to see the best results.

Most clients state they’ve tightened the tummy more every week or so since the size of their midsection is shrinking.

Sidenote: Men can also wear waist trainers and ab toning belts.

In conclusion, the beautiful thing is they are as pretty as they’re functional and the prices are affordable.

Plus it’s my favourite type of way to get results – without really doing anything intense! #LazyGirlsFitness


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