Cost Of An Accountant For Self Employed

Self-Employed Accountants:

If you are self-employed, you can obtain a big benefit by having an experienced accountant working with independent people and independent traders. Here are the details for the cost of an accountant for self employed near you.

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Whether you’re looking for a local solution, a cost-effective remote service or an accountant with industry-specific knowledge, Just Accountants can help you.


An accountant can help a single trader and an independent person with:

  • Save money by reducing costs (i.e., tax savings)
  • Maximizing earnings
  • HMRC problem management (i.e. VAT)
  • Advice on financial options.
  • Plan and predict finances.
  • Compliance issues, self-assessments and tax returns.
  • General Accounting
  • The best business structure; how to change and when do you change

To begin and find the right independent specialist for your needs, complete a quotation form and one of our consultants will call you quickly to assess your needs and provide you with details about possible independent accountant fees. We will introduce you to accountants to meet business needs and allow you to choose. Our service is without obligation. Self-employment can be a level of job satisfaction that you have never thought about. Many people are doing well with their new independence and doing very well. But the life of independent workers is not always clear.

No income is guaranteed and there are no paid sick days. In addition, you are fully responsible for managing complex financial tasks. You must control the maintenance of your company’s money. This is a stressful concept for those without experience. Working on your own means that you have left to get financially. Or is it you being a freelancer does not mean that you only have to deal with tax burdens, accounting and other accounting tasks. Accountants for independent people are available to support their goals and remove some of that weight from their shoulders.


Accountants for Self-employed: What are they?

Self-employed accountants operate like any other accounting expert; they provide advice and financial management to business owners. Except in this case, they have adapted skills developed to specifically help businesses from a single merchant. This means that they are specializing in the provision of services and solutions that meet the financial obligations and objectives of an independent worker.

What does this mean? It means experience in different aspects of independent work, for example:

  • Self-employment tax returns
  • Management of costs and independent invoices.
  • Self-supporting documentation and HMRC correspondence
  • Payments and VAT registration of a merchant
  • Financial planning and strategy for individual merchants.
  • Help set your rates and rates

5 Expenses you can claim when you work on your own:

  • Stock and materials

If you are an independent business that deals with goods or materials, these costs are permitted business costs. Essentially, without these costs I could not make any sales to customers.

  • Commercial premises

Any rental, repair/maintenance, insurance bills or public services for commercial premises are reclaimable. If you work from home, you need to calculate the percentage of time and space you use for the task or use simplified costs.

  • Travel

Legitimate business travel expenses can be claimed if you are self-employed. For example, mileage to see customers or other commercial purposes. You can also claim items such as train, bus and taxi costs. If you have to spend the night in a hotel for commercial reasons, you can also request it.

  • Advertising and marketing

Any marketing cost other than entertainment for the customer (see below) is allowed. For example, job advertisements, online advertising with Google, Facebook and Linked In, business cards or even your web hosting. This can be claimed. For new businesses and newcomers, we offer a package. This includes hosting with Site ground, or if you are happy with how it is, we can only configure it with them.

  • Office expenses and supplies

This covers things like stationery, shipping and printing costs. You may be able to claim larger purchases of office equipment, but you may need to claim them as Capital Allocations. Please contact us if you need more information.

In general, accountants take into account the tax issues of the following types of people:

  • limited companies and their directors
  • unique merchants and associations
  • owners (residential and commercial)
  • Contractors and freelancers, and.

Each group will require different services to attract different rates.


How much do the accountants charge per hour?

Unlike popular belief, most accountants do not charge for the hour, they charge the work. The way it works is like that. You know an accountant who will find out as much as possible about you and your business. From this conversation, they can say exactly what services you need in advance. Then you will be given an annual fee. At this annual rate, all the work they agreed to do for you. Will most counters generally add a little more to the top of this figure? Why not add to my invoice the services with which I do not agree? Believe it or not, it is to protect you. For a year, especially if you run a limited company or have a property portfolio, HMRC can make many inquiries with you and your tax matters.

What can I expect from my accountant?

Self-employed accountant will effectively address your personal and business tax matters, even though they still have to do what you ask. You should expect your accountant to ensure that all your presentations are ready in time for submission to HMRC or Companies House. Ideally, they should inform you months in advance (or weeks in advance with VAT invoices) so that you have time to make a budget to make payments. Regardless of whether you use online accounting services or not, your accountant should ask you how your costs are allocated. This is important because if costs are assigned incorrectly, they cannot reduce your tax bill. In its broadest sense, your accountant should be interested, both in your company and in your future. Your accountant can do this to save you money and give you the advantage, but it requires them to be proactive and communicative with you.

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To close off, I hope that this helps you to feel more confident about the cost of an accountant for self employed.


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