Ask An Accountant a Question For Free

Ask An Accountant a Question For Free

With our service, you can ask an accountant a question for free and they will get back to you via email. I know that most of our customers are busy. And like you, they prefer to be contacted by email only with a quote first.

If you wish to speak to someone on the phone then you can do that after you get all of the information that you desire. Read more tips below.

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Possibly the most crucial requisites of living in a civil society are making tax obligations on time.

A number of people believe that taxation is an assault on the individual.

But it’s definitely not so. Taxation is not a means for the forces that-be to fill their coffers.

On the flip side, it is a way wherein the government guarantee which the society runs as smoothly as you can.

Nevertheless, taxation time does become hard for each and each one of us.

Making the payments isn’t always easy.

That’s why a handful people end up evading tax obligations that’s undoubtedly a crime.

This is not the way out, instead, you can speak to an accountant and ask your questions for free to get yourself onto the right path as quickly as possible.

Nonetheless, there are ways – legal ones at that – where tax obligations can be reduced.

We’re not talking of marginal discounts, if used properly, these approaches could help us reduce our tax obligations by very substantial amounts.

When you speak to an accountant they can tell you more about this. This means that you can save yourself a lot of money and headache.

In fact, you will be amazed to know that these methods are totally legal and it is none other, but our own system which allows these liberties.

Here we discuss 3 methods where we might reduce our taxation by substantial quantities, all in a very legal way. Speak to an accountant about these areas.


1. Go offshore

You’ll certainly find tax-free surroundings if you look beyond your own state’s border.

Among the best offshore places currently is Belize.

Belize is a small nation, but it is politically and economically stable, which is quite important whether you are likely to make an investment.

You’ll not need any accountancy services or audits if you’re going offshore to Belize.


2. Set up an LLP

The 2nd good idea is to set up a Limited Liability Partnership UK.

You may make the LLP with two overseas companies.

This really works for reducing your land tax because with the LLP you’re liable to play only that the offshore flat-rate taxation since you’re in a partnership.


3. Use an agent company

There are two companies that you may use here.

One of them is a UK Ltd business and the second may be an offshore company in Belize.

Whenever you make an agent contract with a UK Ltd company, you’re authorized to sign any sorts of commercial agreement on behalf of the offshore business that you’re working with.

However, the advantages don’t stop there.

The agent business will permit retention of just 5% from the company arrangement cost and 95% of the payment will be passed over to the offshore business.

In this way, you’re saving on the tax rates that apply in your national borders.



These 3 methods might seem too technical, but they are not really.

In addition, there are many other tax deductions you can claim without setting up an offshore company.

You can ask an accountant a question for free by completing this short form here.

Afterwards, our tax expert will get back to you today to answer all of your questions and give you a free quote.

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