Conquering Communications Taxes

Communications Tax obligations are exhausting. Today’s world is customer-driven. This means that the company must be accessible to the customer at all points, which is possible only through communications. As a result, several industries, including healthcare, software, education, and gaming, are making significant shifts towards IoT solutions. Features like click-to-chat or click-to-call have become a norm in most products and services. With the advent of smart devices and such communications-based solutions, most products have unfortunately entered the tricky territory of telecom taxation. 

What can Fastek do for you?

Maintaining and running a business is no small task. There is a constant requirement to be better than competitive firms, which requires continuous, high-quality creative engagement. This is possible only when the focus is on the firm’s goals and employee culture. While taxation demands compliance, managing administrative tasks can be a terrible waste of your precious time. However, audits must be done with due diligence by a trusted entity. 

At Fastek, we give you all this! Our 25 years of experience in the communication tax domain have given us unparalleled expertise compared to other companies in the market. Our process of handling your audits has proven to be risk-free and effective. Over two and a half decades, our proprietary software has helped us file an average of 15000 tax returns per month. This amount of work is possible only because of our dedicated staff, cutting-edge technology, and our company’s ethics that guide us towards serving every customer to the best of our abilities.  

Features of Fastek

Fastek is the best in the field because we offer multiple solutions into an integrated package. Our services include: 

  • Regulatory Licensing and State Certifications: Often, FCC certifications or PUC licensing might slow down your business’s growth. Failing to meet these regulations can have serious consequences, including fines or revocation. Fastek will help you find the proper certifications that you need based on your product or service type. Our team will help you gain the license and ensure regular reporting so that you retain it peacefully. 
  • Tax Mapping: Tax codes are very crucial in charging the right amount of taxation on your products. If you do not map your products or services to the correct taxation codes, you will charge too little or too much, both of which can have severe repercussions on your company. Fastek will be your trusted partner to ensure that your taxes are mapped perfectly. 
  • Tax Permits, Filings, and Remittances: The most challenging task in filing taxes is keeping track of multiple due dates and having to acquaint yourself with different filing and payment methods based on the authority. Fastek offers a return preparation and filing service that is effective, efficient, and accurate. 

We also offer tax audits and VDAs, tax document management and reconciliation, tax exemption certificates, and sales nexus determination. These services are driven by a team of experts dedicated to helping you grow as a business leader.  To know more about us or consult our experts, contact us soon! 

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