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Across the country, both public opinion and legal regulations are changing faster than ever for companies involved in cannabis and cannabis. Cannabis tax attorney in California is an important choice as new laws are passed, there are new opportunities for business owners involved in cannabis.

But they also face more difficulties, as well as tax audits and the participation of government agencies. At the Leadership Tax Group, we have spent hundreds of hours studying the marijuana tax laws that are changing and can help you navigate complex waters of cannabis tax audits in California.

Why are tax audit representation courses?

Although companies are involved in legal cannabis in more than 29 states now, California is one of the first, there are still a lot of difficulties and difficulties associated with marijuana businesses in California. The government may consider marijuana companies legal, but they certainly will not prevent them from paying too expensive business owners because they can! In fact, when it comes to cannabis, it’s not just the IRS that business owners should worry about.  It goes without saying that it is vital for you and a trained team of trained tax attorneys to protect your business!

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How can we help you with your California Cannabis tax audit

You can save thousands of dollars and know large amounts of time and magic about all relevant manuscripts and tax laws.  We spent many hours investigating the cannabis laws of the state of California, for example:

  • Medical Marijuana Program Act
  • Medical Marijuana Control and Safety Act
  • Medically Regulation and Cannabis Law
  • Marijuana Adult Use Act (AUMA), Proposition 64
  • Regulation and medicinal and consumer cannabis for adults (MAUCRSA)

When you work with our marijuana tax audit specialists, we will conduct a thorough self-audit of your business, looking for the risks and challenges that may exist during the regulatory audit or the tax agency. As a point of reference, we accept that California’s cannabis tax audit laws are very complex, and more confusing, so you can concentrate your time and energy on your growing business.

Cannabis business advisor in California

Cannabis tax attorney in California is a good option to get advice even before the litigation.  Our cannabis lawyers were helping to educate cannabis operators representatives of the state.  And municipal council and an anxious community. With litigation our well-established corporate law practice.  And our in-depth knowledge of cannabis regulation and an extensive industrial.  And regulatory network have led us to build a solid practice focused on cannabis law. We have designed our cannabis practice to meet the unique needs challenges and opportunities of our cannabis client retailers processors producers investors.  and auxiliary companies that are the future of a strong and sustainable cannabis industry. Our practice of the Cannabis Law has grown exponentially since 2010, but our commitment to our cannabis clients remains the same. we help our clients with the lasting legal framework they need to build long-term growth and success.


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