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California Tax Attorney Free Consultation

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The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is the organization responsible for the administration and enforcement of individual and corporate income tax laws in the State of California.

This includes individuals who are residents of California (California taxes on all of their income) and those who do not live in California (taxes on their state income in California).

The Franchise Tax Council uses various policies and procedures, many of which are based on the IRS, for administrative, examination and collection efforts in the taxpayers’ accounts.

It is a smart idea to find the best tax lawyer who is confident in dealing with these organisations.


Here are common area to get help with:

  • Many taxpayers are very frustrated when dealing with various causes with the Franchise Tax Board.
  • There is a perception among some taxpayers that the Franchise Tax Board is more aggressive than the IRS.
  • In fact, the Franchise Tax Board takes cross-charge accounts very seriously and will use any legal method authorized to charge on the account.
  • In general, it was more difficult to deal with the Franchise Tax Board than IRS collections.
  • The Tax Excise Council’s collections are generally stricter in their terms and more aggressive in their collection methods.

This is how a  California tax attorney free consultation can help you get on the right path for finding the right solution.

The Franchise Tax Board’s financial statements require more information and disclosure than their IRS counterparts.

Taxpayers should make disclosure of information more sensitive much more than they would have to do with the IRS.

The Franchise Tax Board may be slower to solve problems than the IRS with more levels of administrative review and more obstacles.

This is particularly the case when it comes to making a tax agreement from the State of California, which can be allowed up to a year or more.


Franchise Tax Board Background:

The California Franchise Tax Board has several cases in relation to its examination division.

For example, because California does not have the same amount of resources to inspect tax auditors, they often do not reserve the results of the IRS audit.

Sometimes, however, the Franchise Tax Board will focus on certain issues where there is a higher margin for taxpayers.

Transactions are often an objective of the audits of the Franchise Tax Board, including capital gains/losses and 1031 exchanges.

In addition, California tends to follow the information available at the state level when reviewing audit problems:

  • DMV records
  • Property tax records
  • Another specific exhibition of the state 

In addition, Electoral Licensing Board audits generally require very detailed audits of the taxpayer’s records and other confidential financial information and can move very slowly, according to the auditor.


Los Angeles Tax Representation Services

Start by finding an experienced Franchise Tax Board Representation. For example, Broman Law has extensive experience as an attorney with the California Franchise Tax Board and a track record of successful outcomes for clients.

They are familiar with the examination departments and collections of the Franchise Tax Board and your lawyer has specific information in the areas of California Tax Procedure and California Tax Litigation.

Here are the services to look for the following issues in relation to the Franchise Tax Board:

  • Audits of the California Licensing Tax Board
  • Collection courses of tax exemptions of the Board of California
  • The Board offers the California license tax in power
  • The California Franchise Tax Board currently cannot charge
  • Quotas from the California Taxation Rights Board
  • Tax and reports from the California Licensing Tax Board
  • California Franchise Tax Board Liens
  • Appeals from the California Franchise Tax Board
  • Tax Litigation Board of California Tax Rights


Los Angeles Tax Attorneys

Below is a short list of organisations for a tax attorney free consultation near California:

  • Montgomery & Westerkamp, Tax Attorneys at Law

  • Tax Helpers

  • The Tax Defense Group

  • Taylor, Lenora Roland Law Offices

  • Greenberg Stanley J Attorney

  • Croman Law Offices

  • Ratzinger David P Law Office

  • Law Offices of Brian A Barboza

  • Walth Hank W Attorney at Law


Finally, I hope that this helps you to get started with a California tax attorney free consultation 2019.

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