Can You Make Money Promoting Apps?


Want to know how to find legitimate online opportunities and can you make money promoting apps?

Text messages and emails are not the only things that can keep us on our phones every day.

Yes, you can make money by simply promoting apps to other interested users.

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Most of us have our phones with applications that we use to make life easier (thanks to iPhone and Android!)

Or to pass the time away playing games (thanks to Candy Crush!)


Can You Make Money Promoting Apps?

With the prevalence of applications and viral success that many people have achieved, you could increase the potential of your income and promote apps.

If you didn’t know already, there are many apps that pay you a commission for each person you refer to sign-up or download the app.

If you find something worthwhile and promote the app will start applying! 

Here are 4 apps that pay you a referral commission:

Continue reading to discover more answers to can you make money promoting apps.


Submit to Review Sites

One of the best ways to get more exposure to your app is to send it to reviewed sites.

There are many sites that are totally committed to app reviews, and some of these sites have hundreds of thousands of visitors.

However, not all revisions are fair, and this is particularly the case with free payment reviews.

The worst thing about the free review is that it can be included in a long list of other reviews (not many people will scroll through a long list).

It would be worth paying for a placement or review in a superior site.

Alternatively, start your own blog to review apps and include your referral link in the blog posts.

In summary, a good review can help you get hundreds or thousands of new downloads, which will significantly increase your income.


Affiliate Program

Next, you could already venture into affiliate marketing to sell products and earn a commission.

There are hundreds of high paying affiliate products that relate to apps, technology and e-commerce.

To do this, you must register with a large user base and a wide range of affiliate networks.

Then, set the guidelines for the types of advertisers you are willing to accept according to the target group you are trying to achieve.

Create an attractive ad and you can promote it anywhere online.

To summarize, this is the next stage of learning how to make money promoting products and services online.

Offer a Smart Installer

This is a tip for people who are deeper into the app development world.

The benefits of offering a smart installer to download your application are twofold: they increase download speeds (increase the completion rates) and allow you to earn money with your application.

In addition, you can present special offers and other products to users while downloading the application.

You are required to charge a flat fee on these notices or pay them by clicking or converting.

By completing the full downloads of your application it increases sales.

You can increase the exposure of your application by presenting a list of “Downloads” on the home page of an app store.

This type of disclosure will boost downloads and even sales.


In-App Advertising

If you have created your own app then there are many opportunities to sell advertising within your application.

For example, you can sell traditional demo ads.

Search feeds pay you for all searches performed within your application.

Browser extensions pay you based on the offers you show or what they generate.

You can focus on a type of advertising that you think will work best for your application, or you can use different ads to reach more customers and maximize your revenue.

Online Marketing

The same strategies used to promote your content, products and services can be used to promote your apps.

These include: creating content in related keywords, writing advertising publications or promoting the application in your social network profiles.


In conclusion, the more exposure you create, the more sales you will get.

How to promote your application and earn money can seem like a complex series of steps, but it can be quite simple.

The key is consistency. Use a variety of the strategies listed above and be consistent in its application.

Over time, it will boost sign-ups of your applications and you will see that you can you make money promoting apps.

Play your cards to the right and you could have a steady stream of income to add to your weekly earnings.

Faithful in your success!

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