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In this video, we are going to cover the juicy area of why you need a limited company, why you need to use your limited company if you have one already and how to choose the best company structure.

We are basically talking about the Sole trader versus a limited company.

How can you actually save more money with the limited company?

This is what this video is all about.

There are different things and different figures that I want to tell you about. There’s different bits of information that I really want to tell you about because this comes up in so much in the work that I do with people that I am meeting and during networking. These questions always come up:

“Why I should have a limited company?!”

“Why should I use my limited company?”

“What is the benefit or should I continue working as the sole trader?”

“I am just making a little bit of money, I am not really starting yet, I just have some money here and there. Should I just be self-employed?”

So, I am going to come up with all sorts of things in this video.

Before I even get into it. Let’s study some actual real life case studies of the most successful people out there in business…. (click play)

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