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The administration’s MTD activity requires influenced organizations to present their VAT payments digitally.

Keeping records through Spreadsheets and physically entering these into the Government Gateway isn’t adequate to meet the necessities of MTD.


Cloud accounting software, for example, FreeAgent and Andica give an across the board answer for keeping up and submitting MTD consistent business accounts.

In any case, organizations that keep their records by means of different techniques, for example, Spreadsheets, require extra software so as to present their VAT payments in an agreeable way.


Bridging software gives a digital connection between information put away in Spreadsheets and HMRC’s entry.

This connection enables the information to be submitted digitally, making the VAT payment consistent with MTD.


All alone, nonetheless, bridging software doesn’t satisfy different prerequisites of MTD, for example.  digital record keeping and keeping up digital connections between information. Furthermore, you or your accountant may need to perform further computations to get Spreadsheet information into the arrangement required by the bridging software.


Excel Spreadsheet Bridging Software

Making tax digital for VAT enactment requires VAT enlisted. Organizations with turnover over the VAT limit to keeping records in digital structure and document their VAT payments utilizing MTD practical perfect software.


While making tax digital for VAT (MTD VAT) is a digital record-keeping and VAT payments documenting prerequisites for VAT enlisted organizations, HMRC perceives that numerous Businesses and accountants use Microsoft excel to process VAT exchanges. Andica MTD VAT software gives the office to remove VAT 9 Box esteems and submit to HMRC. Software cooperates with different HMRC’s MTD VAT APIs (offices) as depicted during the features page.


Submission of VAT payment can be practiced in basic schedules inside the software.


Andica MTD VAT software doesn’t uphold a particular configuration wherein a client should record exchanges inside a Excel Spreadsheet. For whatever length of time that the Spreadsheet contains all the important exchanges for a VAT period and there is a solitary ‘Sheet’ where the VAT 9 box esteems for a VAT period have been abridged, this will be adequate for the software to remove that data. Clients would then be able to utilize the mapping feature to coordinate and concentrate VAT esteems into the software.


The exchange of information between excel spreadsheets into the bridging software must be done digitally. As per HMRC, moving information physically inside or between various software isn’t satisfactory. To put it plainly, you can’t physically type in the qualities inside the VAT boxes of the bridging software.


Yearly License: The software is provided on a yearly permit premise. Yearly permit is allowed for the utilization of software for a year compelling from the date of procurement. Permit is allowed for utilization of a particular adaptation of the software and another permit ought to be acquired for every rendition. If there should arise an occurrence of form redesign, the yearly permit of the new form will override the previous adaptation. Software permit terminates toward the finish of the term and the software with every one of its capacities will be deactivated except if the permit has been reestablished.


You can just utilize one duplicate of the software on a solitary PC and/or plate drive. A permit must be bought for every PC or equipment, including circle drives on which software is introduced.

For a system adaptation of the software. utilize the software on a system gave that you have an authorized duplicate of the software for every PC that can get to the software over that system.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Integration


The software provides a feature to interface with your VAT exchange Microsoft excel Spreadsheet to separate VAT 9 box esteems from Excel Spreadsheet.


Intuitive Mapping Of VAT Fields


After connecting the software with the VAT exchange Spreadsheet. you can delineate VAT fields with your VAT esteems in Spreadsheet by basically relocating.


Digital Authorization For Mtdfb VAT – Making Tax Digital For VAT


The software gives a procedure to an operator to digitally get authorization from HMRC to manage customer’s VAT entries. This procedure likewise incorporates office to approve Andica MTD VAT software to recover and submit VAT information for a VAT enrolled business.


Recover VAT Periods (VAT Commitments)


The software can recover the present and future VAT payments commitment time frames since joining to MTD. HMRC will give the following VAT payments commitment and no future commitments past that. Another commitment will be made by HMRC once the past commitment has passed, regardless of whether that commitment has been satisfied or not.


Online Submission


You can present your VAT 9 box esteems digitally to the HMRC utilizing your HMRC login accreditations. You will require an earlier enrollment with the HMRC who will give you the login accreditation, (for example, Gateway User ID and Password).


View VAT Payment


Recover and view subtleties of VAT payments submitted to HMRC since joining to MTD VAT.


Recover VAT Liabilities


When VAT payment is submitted through MTD, subtleties of VAT liabilities can be recovered inside the software. The software will recover VAT liabilities data that HMRC has made accessible.


Recover VAT Payments


Recover subtleties of payment made against a VAT payment period. The software will recover VAT payments subtleties that are made accessible by HMRC.




The software gives a scope of reports that can be printed for your records.

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