Black Owned Business Apps

After police killed George Floyd on Memorial Day and subsequent national protests in support of black lives, tons of useful information is being circulated on social media and other collaborative platforms to help public voices educate, inform and increase black wealth. So in this article, we focus on black owned business apps.


Because money is a powerful way to make your views known, many people remember their spending more and have been actively looking for black-owned companies to support them, especially during this pandemic when Small businesses are more vulnerable than ever. In fact, the #blackownedbusiness social media hashtag has been popping up on Twitter and Instagram for the past week as consumers want to offer their support right now (and hopefully on an ongoing basis). To help find the call to black-owned businesses and cooperatives along the way, the popularity of numerous apps has recently increased as reported.


5 The Best Black Owned Business Apps


1. EatOkra

Co-founded in 2016 by the men’s and women’s team Anthony Edwards and Janique Bradley, the EatOkra app experienced a 4,450 percent increase in downloads in the first week of June. It helps Android and Apple users quickly connect to black-owned restaurants in many U.S. cities, and then order delivery or buy other food companies on the app, too.

2. Black Nation

Launched by entrepreneur Rameish Budhoo in 2018.  Apple’s only Apple Nation app experienced a 50 percent increase in downloads in recent days as consumers discover new ways to support black entrepreneurship. The useful application allows owners to add their business to the database for free, creating a “one stop shop” for all kinds of business needs. Users can search a multitude of categories, including food, fitness, medical, real estate brokers, shopping, beauty, and more.

3. Black Wallet

Downloads earlier this month saw a 115 percent increase in the slick, easy-to-navigate app. Apple and Android users can search for black-owned businesses online or physical locations in any area, and can organize or benefit local events in black businesses. The app also makes saving your favorite businesses easy to remember and even contact owners directly.

4. BlackGuide

The BlackGuide app currently houses more than 14 major US cities and continues to grow in a directory of black-owned companies. Available on both Android and iPhone, the app features black entrepreneurs and local and national news, as well as a directory for black businesses and local events. There is also a community forum to take advantage of the hive’s intentions and get better shopping suggestions tailored to your needs and interests.

5. Uber Eats 

The popular Uber Eats food delivery app is also answering the call to make it easier to find black-owned restaurants by adding a search option to black-owned food delivery options in the United States and Canada. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also announced that delivery fees will now be removed whenever consumers order from these companies by the end of 2020.


Before you go, I hope the above article black owned business apps is helpful and informational for you.


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