Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200

If your budget is less than $200, you may be worried that you won’t find a good Soundbar for your home theater system. While budget Soundbar don’t typically have the same surround sound options as some of the more expensive Soundbar out there, you can still find something decent at this price. So in the article below, we have picked out the five best Soundbar without a subwoofer under $200.

The 5 best sound bars under $200:

  1. Vizio V21-H8
  2. Polk Audio Signa S2
  3. Yamaha SR-B20A
  4. Yamaha YAS-108
  5. JBL bar Studio

1. Vizio V21-H8

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200 a
Check Latest Price: Vizio V21-H8 Soundbar

This Vizio 2.1 Soundbar is an amazing option if you want full-body sound and modern features and high-qualty, so check it out today. While many entry-level Soundbar don’t deliver a satisfying bass level, we were very impressed with how the V21-H8 wireless subwoofer is so deep and robust, delivering a flat, mixed soundscape that greatly improves the sound stakes. Stop the music. , both movies and video games. This Vizio 2.1 also offers a lot of features for the money. You get Bluetooth Wi-Fi, and HDMI (ARC) support, making it easy to stream music from your phone and control the Soundbar with your TV remotely. It’s easy to set up, allowing you to connect everything and instantly update the status of your home theater.

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2. Polk Audio Signa S3

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200 b
Check Latest Price: Polk Audio Signa S3 Soundbar

The Polk Audio Signa S3 has great value, although it may be at the top end of your budget. It’s a well-tuned Soundbar and external subwoofer with a solid construction. The Signa doesn’t look too fancy, but it doesn’t look cheap either, it’s a great addition to any family living room. In terms of features and functionality, the Signa S3 does what most people need when listening to music or watching a movie. You get Bluetooth streaming, naturally; various modes for cinema, music or night sound (the latter eliminates the higher frequencies and reduces the bass).

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3. Yamaha SR-B20A

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200 c
Check Latest Price: Yamaha SR-B20A Soundbat

The Yamaha SR-B20A all-in-one soundbar/subwoofer offers good sound and a compact design that saves a lot of space. The elegantly dressed flat bar features a two-channel speaker arrangement as well as a built-in subwoofer that can fill your living room with a balanced, dialogue-friendly sound. And there are plenty of sound modes and smart add-on features to help protect the price. Starting at roughly the same price as our current best value pick, you’re missing out on the external substrate and Wi-Fi functionality here, which might be the wrong pick for those looking for some great cinematic excitement. While we don’t think the SR-B20A is too restrictive in terms of performance, it’s actually the ideal choice if you don’t really have room for an external subwoofer.

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4. Yamaha YAS-109

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200 d
Check Latest Price . Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

The Yamaha YAS-109 packs many functions and sound in a slim form factor. It is also a lower price so check it out now before you buy. Aesthetically, there’s little to look for – two 30-watt speakers and a 60-watt subwoofer are built into a charcoal-black chassis. To be honest, looking up a “Soundbar” on Wikipedia looks like a YAS-109 type. But so do most Yamaha Soundbar, and that’s usually not a bad thing. The YAS-109 also takes a low-key approach to features. Touch-sensitive control buttons on the top and a flat, simple remote that lets you turn the Soundbar on and off, control speaker and subwoofer volume individually, mute, switch between stereo and surround modes, and so on.

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5. JBL Bar Studio

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200 f
Check Latest Price JBL Bar Studio Soundbar

If you’re really concerned about the price, then this renewed JBL Studio Bar is one of the most affordable soundbars on the list, so check out the latest price. While that may sound appealing, and the Bar Studio is a great upgrade over ordinary TV speakers, there are certain reasons why you might want to pay a little more. For one thing, the four-driver speaker setup isn’t bad, but most of the others on our list are. While it’s definitely getting more volume, the Bar Studio wasn’t as loud and crisp as other bars we tested in its price class, like the Polk Signa S2. It’s a very compact and space-saving product, but at best there is no room for the larger drivers required to produce a large amount of high-quality sound. You can fold it up (with separate woofer and tweeter size controls), but the overall result is not jaw-dropping. It just gets the job done.

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