Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs


This Article Contains Data About Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs. I have picked out the top 4 recommendations, see the information below and click the blue buttons for the latest prices on


1. Kicker CXA300.4 Four-Channel Full-Range Amplifier

Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs 1

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Features And What We Like About It:

This is our first recommendation if you would like an affordable amplifier, check it out today.

All things considered, this Amp success in a single region and that is the best 4 channel amp for the cash. While not carefully the most economical Amp on our rundown, it comes entirely close. Additionally, it is unmistakably superior to without a doubt the most economical Amp on our rundown. Truth be told, its S/N proportion of 95 dB is in reality quite great shockingly great at this value point. In addition, with an info affectability scope of 125 mV to 10 V, this Amp is extraordinary at running heritage head units.




  • One of the most economical Amps on our rundown





  • Not incorporate an inherent circuit


  • A single channel RMS of 40 watts at 4 ohms and 75 watts at 2 ohms is quite low


  • One of the bigger profile Amps on our rundown

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2. Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier

Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs 2

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Features And What We Like About It:

Outside of Alpine, Kenwood is the other big brand on our rundown and has been producing top-quality car audio hardware for a considerable length of time. Check out this Kenwood amplifier for mids and highs.


As of late, the organization has lost a portion of its brilliance, however, it despite everything figures out how to discover specialties in the market that are underserved. For example, this is the best Amp on our rundown for the cruiser.


This is the Amp on our rundown that has incredibly minimal size and has switchable, flexible hybrids. It can likewise do this for either a 4 channel or a 2 channel crossed over the arrangement. Additionally, the Kenwood takes the littlest nibbles in a few spots. In the first place, this is the complete most economical product on our rundown while additionally coming in at the littlest profile.




  • Easy to wire up


  • Has the littlest profile on our rundown


  • The most affordable Amp on our rundown




  • An RMS wattage of 75 at 2 ohms and 50 at 4 ohms is to some degree low


  • An S/N proportion of 76 dB is poor

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3. MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Car Amplifier

Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs 3

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Features And What We Like About It:

This is a highly rated amplifier, it is worth checking out the MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 before you buy.


that as it may, much the same as Rockford, this brand has likewise become well known by producing High-quality audio frameworks, however regularly at an increasingly sensible cost. Therefore, that is the situation here, as the Thunder arrangement, 4 channel Amp catches our best all-around esteem space.


To begin with, this Amp pushes a lot of intensity with 100 watts RMS at 2 ohms and a great 75 watts RMS at 4 ohms. In addition, this Amp features extraordinary compared to other soundscapes with a frequency scope of 15 Hz to 25 kHz–that is around 5 Hz lower than normal and 5 kHz Higher than normal. At long last, this is just one of two Amps on our rundown, the other the best performing Alpine, to feature a THD beneath 1 percent.




  • 100 watts per channel at 2 ohms and 75 watts for every channel at 4 ohms is entirely acceptable


  • A THD beneath 0.05 percent is tied for first on the rundown


  • A frequency scope of 15 Hz to 25 kHz is incredible




  • A genuinely costly Amp for our rundown


  • produces more warmth than the majority of the Amps on our rundown with the A/B Topology

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4. Alpine X-A70F X-Series

Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs 4

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Features And What We Like About It:

This choice is a  very high-end brand in the car audio market, check out the Alpine X-A70F amplifier. That is the reason it should not shock anyone that the Alpine X-A70F is the top-performing Amp on our rundown. Truth be told, this is really a superior Amp for a considerable lot of the specialties that different Amps take the title for. Be that as it may, this is additionally by and far the most costly Amp on our rundown.


In that capacity, in the event that you are buying an Amp for a specialty reason, it is probably a superior plan to get a strong Amp at a progressively sensible cost. In any case, in the event that you basically need the best execution and will go all out, at that point this is the Amp for you.


In the first place, this Amp pushes brand watts of RMS power per channel at 4 ohms impedance. This is really the main Amp on our rundown fit for doing as such. Besides, the soundscape of the Alpine X-A70F is by a long shot the broadest with an astonishing 5 Hz to 100 kHz frequency territory. No other Amp on our rundown comes anyplace close to that worth. In another best, the X-A70F likewise has a minimal measure of commotion at channel/95 dB and ties for first with the MTX with THD of 0.05 percent.




  • Easily movable settings


  • Zero bending


  • The Amplifier has a functioning hybrid


  • Clear sound and High constancy




  • The most costly Amp on our rundown


  • One of the bigger profiles for Amps evaluated

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I hope this helps you to find the Best 4 Channel Amp For Mids And Highs.


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