Best Personal Finance Tracker

Do you want to find the best personal finance tracker?

Budget better is what we are taught on TV.

And everybody wants to save more money.

Plus the technology world has taken notice!

As a result, releasing a steady flow of programs and tools to help you.

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4 Best Personal Finance Tracker Options

So, I sifted through these 4 budgeting apps so you can select the most helpful personal finance tracker:

1) Quicken

Having been around for many decades, Quicken is one of the most recognized of all the personal finance software on the market.

 You may use the software to handle aspects of your financial life to investment coaching, savings goals, and debt monitoring.

The program features Excel exporting, which lets you manipulate and perform additional calculations on your data.  

Some of the more advanced features include bill paying, which lets you set up payments for your bills right from the program.

You can use it to monitor the value of your assets to have an accurate calculation of your net worth.

The app is robust enough to handle both your personal and business expenses and even manages property management functions like payments from tenants.

Pricing: The program starts at $34.99 and is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


2) Mint

Mint is one of the budgeting and expense tracking tools.  

It is run by the same company as  QuickBooks and TurboTax.

You can have the software pull in credit card information and your bank pinpoint areas that you can cut back on spending to increase your finances and to analyze your spending.  

For more accountability, Mint permits you to set alerts for things like dates and reduced balance up to keep you on track.

These features help you avoid fees for late payments and overdrawn bank account.

If you set up funding categories, Mint will give you information on the amount you can spend on things like food and gas.

Pricing: Mint allows you to start with a free trial and download the app on your phone. So, if you’re a beginner choose this as the best personal finance tracker.



You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a personal finance software that aimed to help you improve your financial literacy as you handle your monthly budget.

As you create your financial plan and manage your everyday finances, the software gives you tutorials that can allow you to tackle some of the tougher issues that are financial.

YNAB can help you to stick to financial management principles if you’ve been fighting with poor financial habits.

The program links bringing on your spending information for budgeting and evaluation monitoring.  

You can keep tabs on how your monitoring towards your monthly budget and take action if you’re overspending.  

It does include any investment.

Pricing: YNAB provides a free trial that allows the software to be used by you as you decide whether it is right for your financial objectives.  The full software is $6.99 per month ($83.99 annually ).


4) Mvelopes

Think of it like this – The envelope budgeting system will help by using envelopes to manage your budget if you stick to it.

 You put that amount of money into a budget after you’ve figured out your finances.

Thus, if you budget $100 for gasoline you place that amount in an envelope.

Mvelopes takes the identical approach to your personal finance budget, except that’s done rather than with money that is virtual.

Therefore, you choose the goals that are important for you to add your bank accounts and set your earnings.  

Mvelopes will help you make a budget and the program shows what you spent to keep you on budget and track your spending.

Pricing: Mvelopes starts with a free trial and then it is from only $4/month.

Final Note

In summary, there are several different versions to pick the best personal finance tracker for you.

Some of the trackers are free, with a few of the higher-priced options providing additional features and coaching options.


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