Best Personal Finance Software

The Best Personal Finance Software Available

Are you looking for the best personal finance software?

I have been introduced to a brand new software application that helps you take control of your finances.

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Setting up a budget to compare income and expenses can be the first step on a journey that will result in building data you can use to manage the crucial decisions in your life.

Its ease of use and product support makes it valuable in building your wealth.

best personal finance software for wealth

To elaborate, family life has different stages that have a big effect on household expenditure, like having a baby, getting married, changing schools, property investing, moving overseas and more.

This is why choosing the best personal finance software can be a powerful tool.

Several years ago, during the recession, there were pay freezes to stay in a job and many people had been made redundant or had to reduce hours.

Of course, income can also increase through starting a business, promotion, and changing jobs, etc. all opening up new opportunities for you!

Therefore,  the ideal personal finance software should be easy to use, but also a tool to look at the years ahead.

So I recommend starting with FreshBooks for free to get your finances on track, especially if you are a self employed entrepreneur.


How To Choose the Best Software

You should be able to create and save as many budgets as you like even, and to look at the possibilities at all to consider ‘what if’ scenarios.

The budgeting tool is intuitive and powerful in-home accounting software.

You are inserting an annual total for an account, which will be dispersed throughout the year’s twelve months.

Or you’re establishing a supply for each account using a slider, or input the figures manually if you want.

Also, you should be able to have as many accounts as you like and you can have balances within groups and subgroups according to the arrangement that reflects your needs.

You should see the group where the account resides changing to reflect the sum of each of the parts, as you populate an account.

Next, you can then examine your budget at a very simple macro level or enlarge the chart of accounts to show all of the parent and child relationships within the groups at the level.

Remember the money is in the detail!


Monitoring Your Finances

You can then monitor income and expenses once you’ve built a budget to mirror your chart of accounts.

If you’ve forgotten to budget for specific income or expenses, it is very easy to edit your budget when you come to make it for the next 12, 18 or 36 months.

If you’re happy with your budget and don’t want to make any changes, it can be locked by you.

At the year’s end, you can archive it, meaning you can still get it to review your history.

If you find your planned expenditure exceeds your income having all of your expenses presented in one view lets you plan a course of action that can lead to positive change.

It has been said that ‘what gets measured gets done.’

In effect, you can make better decisions to alter the status quo before your financing become unmanageable by looking at the budget.

You can also target areas for cost reduction.

Here is an example: you set a budget to reduce energy costs based on a quote from an energy supplier.

With a wonderful personal finance package, you will be tracking actual expenditure against your budget and can check to be certain that the deal was as great as it was made out to be.

If not you’ll be prepared to make changes to your energy supplier.

In summary, this is how it works for each area of spending and income.


3 Of the Best Personal Finance Software Applications

Many price comparison sites allow you to check out the best deals on personal finance software.

So below I have picked out the top 3 that give you the requirements:

  1. FreshBooks
  2. Mint
  3. Vena



A budget lets you plan for treats and luxuries and forecast after all of your financial obligations are taken into consideration when your income is increasing.

This is the purpose of using the best personal finance software.

In closing, think about this question – Is the additional money that you save going to generate more money in the long-term with savings or valuable investments?


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