Best Netbook With Touch Screen

Best Netbook With Touch Screen

Here are our top 5 picks for the best netbook with touch screen. Check it out before you make any decision to buy and click the blue buttons for full spec details.


1. Microsoft Surface 2 Platinum – The notebook

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If you’re looking for a touchscreen this is our first recommendation. Throughout the past couple of decades, Microsoft has been hard at work producing some of the touchscreen laptops in the marketplace. Devices such as the Surface Pro 6, the Surface Novel two, all of them are brilliant apparatus. On the other hand, the Surface 2 combines touchscreen technologies and it together in the way we have seen in some time and 2 takes the form factor. Not only is really a screen but it’s the hardware to back up this. Some say that the battery life could be better, however, it is difficult not to adore the Surface Notebook 2 as it does a lot of things right.


2. Samsung Chromebook Pro – The companion for notetaking

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This is a pretty cool convertible touchscreen laptop. The Samsung Chromebook Pro may be likened to a Samsung Note apparatus since it includes a touchscreen for handwriting notes plus a stylus. What is better is that you can do multiple things at once like play a game and load a document and it digitalizes your handwriting. Plus, its lightweight and there’s accessibility into the Google Play Store for most of the Android programs that are very best. It is not tough to see why this is among the touchscreen laptops.



3. HP Spectre x360 – The best notebook that is hybrid

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The HP Spectre x360 is among the best touchscreen laptops on the market since it manages to hit a balance between notebook and tablet. Plus it has the newest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U. (As a pill, it has for swallowing all kinds of material bezels, and it is light enough to endure for quite a while. Then, with Ultrabook chips and extended battery life, it shines as a notebook that will force you through any function you throw without which makes you scramble to your nearest outlet.


4. Lenovo Yoga 920 – The touchscreen a very portable laptop

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If you’d like a notebook which has a whole lot of screen real estate and also the capacity to back this up, you are likely to need to look closely at the brand new 13.9-inch Lenovo Yoga 920. It sports a 4K screen that is bigger and 16GB. This sharp-looking notebook that is 2-in-1 brings a little class, also, with a hinge that is completely metal construct. You will have difficulty finding a better flexible touchscreen notebook in 2019.


5. Microsoft Surface 2 (15-inch) – Renewed

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This one has a larger screen and it is higher in cost compared to the previously mentioned Surface 2. This Surface 2 (renewed) 15-inch not just gives the exact same great touch and pencil experience, but in addition, it comes with incredibly more hardware and a screen. As a result of its quad-core chip and powerful discrete GPU, it is prepared to handle your toughest art jobs, and may also permit you to play with the best PC games. Check it out today, with over 94 reviews it could be the best netbook with touch screen for you.


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If you’re techy, or not, you cannot deny the laptop has completely altered the working landscape.

From Chrome OS, to Apple and more operating systems such as Windows 10, there are far more reasons than ever to get a touchscreen laptop.

In 2019, you can look into every notebook under the sun and there are hundreds with a touchscreen, but who has the time to do that? Plus, not all are made equal.

This is why we picked out the most popular and well-performing laptops today.

Touchscreen laptops can be used simply to scroll down or up an internet page.

However, the best will probably be ready for use with a digital pencil, or stylus, plus some features that are technical.

Bearing this in mind, we went forward and found all of the very best touchscreen laptops for modern life and entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to be part of the touchscreen generation, or you are trying to get an upgrade on an old laptop, or if you are just searching for a few gifts in time for the holidays there is an option for you listed above.

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