Best Netbook For Netflix

Best Netbook For Netflix

Here are our recommendations for the best netbook for Netflix. Check out the short summaries below and click the blue buttons for more details.



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This version is the flagship of the Dell Inspiron series. An individual shouldn’t doubt regular and it’s quality. This notebook is made with components and supplies use for a normal cost that isn’t too large or too low.

Its 15.6-inch complete HD screen has a fantastic resolution of 1920×1080. The display is clear and includes the signature centre. Films with this notebook feel surreal. With the lights off, it provides an exciting feeling and looks like a mini home theatre.

Its disk space makes storing movies easier and simpler. With an 8GB RAM, everything on this particular laptop works quicker than flash and supplies the consumer a stunning experience.

Its lithium-ion battery may last up to 7 hours so there’s plenty of time for Netflix if you’re on the move.

In addition, the 802.11A link provides better connectivity using all the WiFi and also makes using the net quicker.

On the downside, the issue with this notebook is the speakers. They seem ordinary quality. However, you can add stereo surround sound but it may cost additional. Aside from that, everything about this notebook is awe-inspiring.


2. ACER ASPIRE E 15 E5-575-33BM

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Acer Aspire E 15 is among those notebooks which are utilized by working class people who require long-lasting laptops for usage. This notebook has a 15.6-inch complete HD display with a marvellous resolution which brings clarity in the image.

This laptop makes watching movies outside in daylight a breeze. The Intel Core chip empowers the laptop and offers great productivity.

Images are provided by the Intel HD Graphics 620 card better and also makes action movies feel just like real life. Its long battery life ensures high entertainment quality.

For the price, it is worth it and this Acer laptop employs ColorBlast technologies to provide picture quality that’s twice as better compared to the typical laptops.



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Lenovo Flex is one of those laptops more than most notebooks at a lower price and it is very convenient to watch films.

An individual can easily convert the notebook and put it onto a tabletop or hold it like a tablet computer while eating. 

It is lightweight and this makes it effortless to carry the notebook.

Additionally, its long-lasting battery 8.5-hr battery life enables users to feel relieved without needing to charge their laptops all the time.

This laptop’s positive aspect is that screen that is magnificent. Its 15.6-inch screen is Complete HD with higher resolution making all of the details visible to the naked eye. 




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Apple is among the best in the tech marketplace and very successful. The MacBook Air provides value for money Even though it’s a little on the costly side.

The battery life is an incredible 12 hours so it lasts for a very long time.,

Its body makes it resistant and more durable, and in addition, it includes warranty policies that are fantastic. Its 13.3-inch screen has high-resolution along with also a LED Backlit. 

However, its 256 GB storage cannot be enlarged and may cause a few problems in the storage area.

This notebook has a good reputation that’s been improved through the years making this product trusted by many people. 

The best feature is that you may use the notebook for hours. The system provides a feel that is very efficient.




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This Dell 5000 version of the Inspiron series is inspirational. Its 15.6-inch screen is complete HD with the maximum resolution. It’s empowered using the touchscreen centre.

By making tasks like rewind, pause, fast forward its service adds great ease. The generation Intel Core chip boosts the operation of the laptop which makes it work quicker and faster.

In addition, the Waves MaxxAudio Guru makes the films seem just like you’re seeing in a theatre and supplies audio. This makes it the top pick for the best netbook for Netflix. The 802.11A provides excellent connectivity providing the consumer security that someone will enjoy the net with no hassle.

Binge view new Netflix releases without worrying about battery life. 

Overall this notebook can prove to be a terrific purchase. It may be somewhat pricey for watching films, but it is not the most expensive on the market. 


We hope you found this summary useful for the best netbook for Netflix.


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