Low Credit Score Car Finance

It is common for economic hardships to damage credit to the point where it seems more difficult to get approved for a car loan, even if a car is essential to meet needs like commuting to work, school, and more. While it may seem daunting to qualify for a car loan with a bad credit score there is a large network of car lenders and dealers who are more willing to work with borrowers with low or bad credit scores. If all goes well and payments are made on time, this can help improve your credit profile. Let’s discuss some tips for low credit score car finance.

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How can I get financing for a car with bad credit?

These steps can help you improve your chances of getting approved for an auto loan that fits your budget.

Check your credit

Before you start looking for a car loan, check your credit. Check your credit reports for incorrect information and discuss these errors. Inaccuracies can lower your credit score and hamper your ability to qualify for a loan. Checking your credit can also help you set your expectations before you start looking for a loan.

Save for an advance

Saving for a down payment can have several benefits. First, a down payment can help you qualify for a car loan more easily, especially if you have a low credit score. Without a down payment, the lender takes on more risk as they could lose more money if they default on the loan and need to get the car back. In fact, some creditors may require you to make a down payment.

Plus, you’ll pay less interest with a down payment. The more money you put in, the less you will need to borrow for the car. This means that you will pay interest on a smaller balance, which will reduce the total interest paid.

Determine how much you can pay

Think beyond your monthly loan payment when calculating how much you can borrow. Consider car ownership costs, such as fuel, regular maintenance, car insurance, and any parking fees or property taxes, and factor them into your budget.

It can be tempting to extend your loan term to six or seven years in exchange for a lower monthly payment. But keep in mind that a longer auto loan term (like up to 84 months) means you could end up paying more interest over the life of the loan and increases the risk of turning your loan upside down, which can create some challenges when selling or exchanging your car because you owe more than it’s worth.

How much will car finance with bad credit cost me?

Car financing is likely to be more expensive if you have a low credit score, but there are ways to keep costs down. These include:

  • Buy or rent a car that is cheaper or doesn’t lose its value as quickly
  • Extend the term of the contract for lower monthly payments, even if you pay more interest in general
  • Improve your credit score to increase your range of options and lower prices Increase your chances of being approved
  • If you are not approved immediately or have been rejected earlier, you can wait and improve your credit. But if you need a car loan right now, consider these options.
  • Find a guarantor. Ask someone you trust, and who trusts you, with good credit, to co-signer the loan with bad credit. As guarantors, they agree to repay the loan if you default or have a major impact on your credit score.
  • Consider buying a car with cash. Used cars are cheaper than new cars and you can buy one for the same amount you would pay for a new car. Also, paying in cash means no credit checks are required. Read more about when it makes sense to buy a car with cash.
  • Buy from a private seller, not a reseller. Used cars sold by private sellers are generally smaller than those sold by dealers and can be financed with cash or a private car loan.
  • Use a personal loan. Some personal loans do not require strong credit and can be used to buy a car. But the fees can be as high as or higher than a bad credit loan.

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