Best Headphones For EDM Production

Best Headphones For EDM Production: Top 5 Recommendations

Here We Have Some Best Headphones For EDM Production Please Have A Look Below.


  1. Sennheiser HD 650

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Features And What We Like About It:


When it comes down to an incredible studio headphone that strikes the harmony among cost and execution, the Sennheiser HD650 open-back studio headphones are difficult to beat. Check these out to buy the best headphones for EDM production.


With a recurrence run from 10 to 39,500 Hz and 300 Ohms, what you get is a studio headphone with strong shake execution. With regards to comfort, the pleasant cushioning of this headphone fits pleasantly over clients’ ears.


On the off chance that you know about headphones, regardless of whether remote headphone or over-ear headphones, you will know most headphones for the most part experience difficulty with either the bass, treble, or mids, however, this set doesn’t appear to have numerous issues with them. The sound lucidity is extremely extraordinary.


A brilliant titanium completion makes these arrangements of professional headphones truly stand out among different brands, and they brag a neodymium ferrous magnet framework that ensures acceptability and dynamic reaction are on point.




  • The bass of this headphone is smooth, with a reasonable treble and mids. Sound quality is truly definite.


  • A wonderfully structured professional studio headphone, truly OK with a 2-year universal guarantee.




  • Noise crossing out innovation excluded (reason since they need you to have the option to hear outside clamor, to make your blending progressively practical, as in reality).

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  1. Sennheiser HD 800 S


Features And What We Like About It:


We’ve explored many headphones for EDM music production and the best studio headphone, in general, is the Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Headphone System. It sounds incredible inside and out, giving you the best feeling you can ever get in a studio headphone for chronicle, sound blending and acing.


The Sennheiser HD 800 professional headphones are “reference class” headphones. Still, don’t get it? This means they’ve been designed to a level where they can be utilized as gadgets to test other sound gear.


While the sound is totally straightforward, giving a fresh top of the line and a strangely characterized low-end, the gigantic 56mm drivers are encased in steel and direct solid to your ears at an exact point to offer an increasingly common sound stage.


The extravagant ear-cushions are carefully assembled from microfiber and the low-weakness aviation headband makes them agreeable throughout the day. There are two link attachment choices for normal jacks or smaller than usual XLR.


As an open back headphone, their significant reason and capacity are at blending and acing music. For somebody who needs to rediscover their affection for music, these pair of headphones will totally change your experience. The sound is all there, without contortion, without concealing — it’s perfectly clear.


Most likely about it, the Sennheiser HD 800 S, will be the best studio headphone you’ve at any point put on your head. Moreover, in the event that you are an audiophile, the Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Studio headphones are an absolute necessity for you.


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  1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

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Features And What We Like About It:


Sitting amidst quality sound production and spending plan, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is a good take for the cash. It includes a couple of 45mm uncommon earth drivers which causes it to convey radiant sound. In light of the shut ear structure, sound reproduction has over and over been cheered by faultfinders and clients alike.


The cutting edge structure which makes sound confinement potential features 90-degree swivelling earcups for convenience and advantageous stockpiling. The delicate earpads (produced using strong yet delicate material) makes this pair agreeable enough to take on a long studio session and are worked to last.


Additionally, the 45 mm opening drivers were worked to produce a wide scope of frequencies and exact bass reaction for the best conceivable listening background.


With the Audio-Technica’s new ATH-M50X, the organization, in reality, show why the brand is frequently alluded to as a world-pioneer in headphone innovation. They offer outstanding listening knowledge and pro-level sound. The sound quality that you get from these pair is amazing, as they can reproduce music exhibitions and soundtracks with extraordinary precision and clearness.


Indeed, even with the really high volume, there is no type of contortion which is extraordinary. The highs are fresh and very much characterized and unquestionably present all through the music, with itemized mid-extend that sounds characteristic and natural. The bass that you get from this headphones is genuine bass that stays precisely where it ought to be.




  • World Class driving sound production with separable lines including a snaked rope.


  • Collapsible structure for included versatility with delicate ear cushions. The headband and ear cups are agreeable to wear.




  • Although the huge stack of the ATH-M50X offer heaps of disengagement from outside commotion, the more slender cases share a little spillage to the outside.

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  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

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Features And What We Like About It:


The Beyerdynamic DT 990 pros are no uncertainty one of the best studio headphones you can purchase in 2019 and not lament a solitary thing. They have an open over-the-ear plan for a great extensive and wide stereo imaging.


The construct quality and plan of the DT 990 Premium pro-250 is the first-rate. Featuring a huge ear cups wide enough to completely cover your ears, combined with the cowhide like a headband which provides an incredibly open to wearing knowledge, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium studio headphones is agreeable enough to take on long listening sessions.


The headphone is made completely of ABS plastic while the headband and forks holding the jars are made of solid aluminum. The extravagant adaptable foam ear cushions feel like pads on your head and the open-back structure means sound production isn’t terrible either.


Tuning in to vocal exhibitions on the Beyerdynamic DT 990-pro premium studio headphones craved sitting in a genuine show lobby with generally excellent scrupulousness.


At the point when contrasted with other studio headphones, we found that the Beyerdynamic DT 990 professional studio headphones have a vastly improved low-end reaction and has progressively expanded smoother highs; this implies you would probably hear an instrument or unpretentious note that you might not have seen in the account previously.




  • Extremely OK with an adequate pad with a sturdy plan combined with a totally metal headband.


  • Sound production is fresh with strong bass, which makes this pair an extraordinary sounding studio screen that is a delight to wear.




  • It arrives in a fundamental bundling with no capacity case.


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  1. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

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Features And What We Like About It:


This the last recommendation for the best headphones for EDM production. Sennheiser, the mainstream German sound organization has been around since 1945 producing out and out choice and incredible sounding headphones. While a portion of their headphones can be extremely expensive, the HD 280 Pro Headphones strikes the harmony between quality sound and cost.


This premium headphones from Sennheiser incorporates the majority of the makings of an incredible sound product which has additionally made them our top pick for the best studio headphones to purchase in 2019.


The great plan of this pair incorporates truly agreeable and a simple to supplant earpads, headband cushioning, and a sound rope for an all-inclusive product life expectancy. To add to this, the HD 280 pro was worked to be an around the ear headphone which improves it much for chronicle and sound disconnection.


The collapsible and pivoting earpieces with exceptionally lightweight makes these headphones entirely versatile and perfect for simple development. The shut back, the circumaural configuration enables you to appreciate top-notch sound anyplace, with up to 32dB of foundation sound weakening.


During our testing and execution check, the Sennheiser HD-280 pro sets of headphones gave out a spotless and clear sign with an exact bass and no report of murmuring in the highs.


Additionally, there was no hint of any solid tinge which further makes it an impeccably nonpartisan sounding headphone that treats the lows, mids, and highs all similarly.




  • Excellent commotion seclusion, lightweight and compact collapsing.


  • Durable thick plastic plan and an incredible incentive at the cost.




  • Initial clasping may trouble a few wearers yet will relax up.


  • Ugly design some say, yet not the sound.


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I Hope You Like The Above Best Headphones For EDM Production, be sure to tell us your favourite in the comments section below.

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