Best Business Projector Under 500

Best Business Projector Under 500: The Best 4 Choices

Do you need to find the best business projector under 500? Below we have analysed the right ones that can be found for under $500 and used with ease in the business world. Click the blue buttons for more details and reviews on


1. Optoma Hd142X

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  1. Full 3D support, with MHL availability empowering support for shrewd showcase


  1. 3000 lumens brilliance, 23000:1 differentiation proportion, 8000-hour light life


  1. 10W inherent mono speaker, with sound out port


The Pros


  • Excellent 3D dealing with ability


  • Dual HDMI ports and one USB port


  • Backlit remote for a simple route around evening time


  • Minimal fan noise


The Cons


  • The remote’s responsiveness is somewhat wonky and may expect you to press more earnestly


  • Only one year of constrained guarantee (no global help)


  • Not perfect with all-inclusive mount; may expect you to make a different mount


An updated adaptation of the famous HD141X, this one here has better shading quality and complexity proportion. With the greatest screen size of 107 inches, it is reasonable for most sorts of rooms and settings. One of the organization’s tops of the line items on Amazon, the HD142X is known for its ability to extend consistent 3D content and is the best mid-priced projector in the event that you are into 3-dimensional motion pictures. Its 2D capacity is the first rate too, anticipating energetic and fresh pictures. With full HD and 3D support, not too bad 3000 lumens for even sunshine seeing, high difference proportion of 23000:1, and 10W mono speaker, the Optoma HD142X is our top pick. It’s illuminated remote, MHL availability and sounds out highlights give an abundance of experience and absolute value for your money.



If you’re looking for the best business projector under 500, the Optoma HD142X is a standout amongst the best cheapest 3D projectors that you can get for under $500. And add to that the 3D capacity – it ought to be on the highest point of your brain in the event that you see yourself delivering great business pitches (or watching Avatar 2) in 2019.

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2. Benq TH670


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  1. Wireless introduction support by Qcast


  1. SmartEco innovation for vitality preservation


  1. Closed inscribing support without an outside decoder


  1. 3000 lumens and 10000 hours of bulb life


  1. Built-in 10W speaker


  1. 3D help (outside glasses)


The Pros


  • Extended bulb life


  • Backlit remote with incredible controls


  • Great brilliance and flexible shading temperature (gamma settings)


  • Can keep running on USB control


  • Perfect for roof mount


The Cons


  • Low differentiate proportion


  • Sporadic fan commotion


  • Issues of overheating have been accounted for by certain clients


  • Expensive bulb, so substitution will be an expensive issue


Numerous industry specialists trust that the BenQ TH670 is the best cheap projector in the market at this moment. To be completely forthright, we think the Optoma model above is the best, yet in the event that you are searching for 3D support AND vivid picture quality from one of the top projectors brands for under $500, the TH670 will be your most solid option.


BenQ markets itself as the #1 smash hit DLP projector brand around the world, and we don’t think it is an exaggeration. It offers the best of everything: shading quality, incorporated speakers, and 10000 hours of bulb life. Its exact equalization of differentiation proportion and shading quality is the thing that makes it a sweetheart among Amazon clients. In addition, the remote introduction support by Qcast settles on it the ideal decision for office and other business employment. What recognizes this model from different hopefuls on this rundown is its programmed cornerstone revision that guarantees you get the flawlessly displayed picture notwithstanding when you tilt/move the projector. In spite of the fact that there are some minor issues with this model, long haul ease of use and the brand name invalidate every one of them.


BenQ as a brand is known for its versatile innovation, which implies its projectors can naturally modify and extend an image on some random surface without settling on the image quality.



BenQ is a very well-known and reliable brand when it comes to the best business projector under 500. The BenQ TH670 is reasonable for both private and business purposes and is the best cheap projector that has extra highlights for under $500. Contingent upon BenQ’s bleeding edge innovation will spare you from continuous visits to the repairman.

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3. TKSTAR Mini LED 1200 Lumens Projector

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  1. 1200 lumens, 1000:1 complexity proportion, 30000 hours
  2. Can work as a Smart TV substitute


The Pros


  • Extended life expectancy


  • Very compact; weighs not exactly a large portion of a pound.


The Cons


  • Not suggested for business use since the local goals is 480p


  • Poor execution in light


Here is our last recommendation today for the best business projector under 500> In the event that financial limit is the main parameter you are thinking about, let us present you the YG400 as the best cheap projector. It is anything but difficult to set up, lightweight, and power-productive, making it one of the top models for clients searching for projectors under $100. This model further brags of superb picture quality conveyed through 1200 lumens and a differentiation proportion of 1000:1. The most extreme attainable goals are 1080p, yet extending the model to its greatest gives out a twisted picture. It is, in this way, not prescribed for business presentations. Furthermore, its exhibition in light is similarly more awful.


We comprehend that the evaluations of this model are truly low, contrasted with the Optoma and BenQ models, however, JUNEO is one of the pioneers of minimal effort innovation. Its items are moderate due to their light obligation, and application-driven brain science. The YG400 is, in this manner, prescribed for clients who are searching for compactness and unpleasant use.



The YG400 projector is the second cheapest projector on this rundown, retailing at around $80 on Amazon. In the event that you are searching for an ease projector that fulfils your essential survey needs, at that point, this is the model to go for. You won’t be losing out!

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4. Epson VS240

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  1. 3000 lumens and 10000-hour bulb life


  1. Sleep mode with varying media quiet for power-sharing


  1. Hybrid of DLP and LCD for increasingly precise shading


The Pros


  • Long light life and exact shading


  • One-click control OFF catch


  • Better shading temperature alteration


  • Automatic cornerstone alteration


The Cons


  • SVGA goals are maxed at 800 x 640 pixels


  • Heavier than most different models


  • Does not accompany a HDMI line nor a sound yield port


It is viewed as a standout amongst the top rated projectors ever. The Epson VS240 is a fantastic section level model that deals with nearly everything – from clear, brilliant picture to exact shading coding. With 3000 lumens to light up its image and mixture DLP-LCD mix, it was a standout amongst the most developed projectors when it turned out a couple of years back. It accompanies a wise rest mode where you can turn off the presentation without killing the framework.


The main serious issue with this model is that it has an obsolete SVGA video yield that bolsters just 800×600 goals. On the off chance that you can disregard this single con, the Epson VS240 will be a shrewd buy for long-lasting use.



Epson is a known brand and has been around for a considerable length of time. On the off chance that you have utilized any of its gadgets items, you realize that their models are solid, practical, and simple to utilize. The VS240 is the same and is the ideal decision for a projector under $300.

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This concludes today’s review of the best business projector under 500 and I hope that it helps you to make your choice today and get all of the details you need to continue your business ventures.


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