Best Budget Studio Headphones UK

If you are a recording artist, producer, master engineer or session musician there is a guarantee that you will need some good cheap studio headphones. With so many different options it can be difficult to choose a pair. This article provides a breakdown of the 6 best budget studio headphones UK worth buying in 2021. “Good” headphones start at least $80. But there are definitely some reliable options if you’re on a budget thats tight.

6 Best Budget Studio Headphones UK:

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best Budget Studio Headphones UK 1

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x consistently at the top of the best-seller lists since its launch. Is preferred due to a combination of great overall comfort. And sound that doesn’t compromise on precision or break the bank.

The cable is detachable which means that you use the one that best suits your needs from the three supplied cables. And are comfortable to wear for long periods of time despite their solid and rugged design.

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2. Sennheiser HD 206

Best Budget Studio Headphones UK 2

If you need a cheap pair or even a cheap pair of headphones for everyday studio use. All you have to do is take a look at these Sennheiser headphones. Extremely durable and bearing the band’s highly respected Sennheiser name. The HD-206 is incredibly accurate for its price. And measures more than favorably for its far more premium peers.

The bass response is particularly rich and crisp, and the mids and highlights also have plenty of detail. Comfortable to wear during long sessions the hypoallergenic ear pads are more than enough to block out extraneous noise. Whether you’re in the studio or outdoors while moving.

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3. Sennheiser HD 25

Best Budget Studio Headphones UK 3

An iconic studio favorite, check out these Sennheiser HD 25 headphones for an affordable option. The Sennheiser HD 25 has built a reputation for its ability to handle high sound pressure levels. And deliver excellent sound reproduction evenly across the entire frequency spectrum.

One of the DJ’s booths thanks to its split headband swivel ears and reputation for durability thanks to replaceable components. The HD 25 delivers precise punctual sound in a lightweight yet robust package that will last for years.

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4. Sony MDR-7506

The MDR series that has not been available to Sony has been around for years and has a strong studio track record, with many years of daily use in the recording and broadcast industries around the world. These are some of the most popular headphones so it is worth checking them out. The current MDR-7506 represents a great combination of comfort, practicality, and value.

Extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are designed to reveal what is wrong with a recording rather than what is right. Like other cans that cost twice as much, the sound is punctual and clear across the spectrum (with a moderate boost in the upper mids), while at the same time managing not to be too soft.

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5. CB-1 Status Audio

Best Budget Studio Headphones UK 5

If you want a trusted pair of headphones check out the CB-1 from Status Audio. They are premium looking headphone for less money.

Up close the build quality can be a mixed bag the plastics are solid. The padding is soft, thick yet lightweight and the gold rings around the ear cups are genuine metal. The thick ear cushions also give these cans a radio operator look, but that shouldn’t bother you.

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6. AKG K240 Studio Headphones

Best Budget Studio Headphones UK 6

AKG headphones can be found in countless professional studios around the world. So hopefully any of their cans have a reliable pedigree. Featuring the classic AKG design with a self-adjusting headband, the iconic K240 Studios semi-open setup is ideal for editing, mixing and mastering work.

The comfortable ear cushions fully cover the ears. And the semi-open design takes the hard plastic shell of a closed-back design. And pierces it with several large holes to expose the transducer resulting in less buildup. And more transparent sound than the design traditional with closed back.

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