Best Budget Studio Headphones for Mixing

Below is our summary about five of the best budget studio headphones for mixing that provides a good alternative to traditional basic earphones.

Depending on your studio space, it is often quite expensive to set up correctly for mixing and mastering. Aside from the proper monitors and monitor placement. The acoustics in your room can have a major impact on your sound. Mixing with headphones is often the best way to have a smooth. Feel confident in your studio without spending thousands of dollars on audio electronics and appliances.

5 Best and Affordable Studio Headphones for Mixing

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best Budget Studio Headphones for Mixing 1

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The best studio headphones we tested are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. These wired headphones are well known to the recording communities. They provide great value and feel surprisingly well built and durable despite their relatively low price. They’re comfortable enough for long recording sessions, with large ear cups and a well-padded headband.

Its sound reproduction is balanced and fairly accurate, with a tiny extra volume but a fairly accurate midrange. They are a good choice for mixing, mastering, or recording because their closed-loop design emits much less sound than open headphones. The earbuds are swivel and have a detachable cord. So you don’t have to replace the entire pair if the cord is damaged. They also come with three different cable options. Including a coiled one that can stretch up to ten feet so you can move freely around your studio.

2. AKG K371

Best Budget Studio Headphones for Mixing 2

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The best recording studio headphones we tested are the AKG K371. Thanks to their closed design they emit much less sound than other entries on this list. Which can be useful if you plan to place them in a recording booth. That also means they do a slightly better job of blocking out ambient noise. So you don’t have to worry about turning the volume all the way down to drown out some background conversations.

They have a relatively balanced sound profile overall, with extremely flat lows and Mids. However, their equipment is a little less neutral and some of the best instruments and voices could be passed down and purchased.

3. Linsoul Tin HiFi T3

Best Budget Studio Headphones for Mixing 3

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I like these because they are gold-plated, check them out. If you prefer the fit and feel of internal monitors or want to reduce the amount of audio leakage in the recording booth, consider the TIN Hifi T3. Their sound profile isn’t quite as neutral as the AKG K371 profile, with an oversized bass range and slightly cluttered mids, but they emit almost no sound and avoid more ambient noise. They also feel better built, with metal buttons and a detachable braided audio cable that can be replaced if damaged. Due to its in-ear design, its sound delivery is also much more consistent as factors such as the thickness of your hair can affect the fit, seal, and placement of the on-ear headphones or whether you wear glasses or don’t smoke.

4. Sennheiser HD 800 S

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One of the best-known mixing headphones are the Sennheiser HD 800 S, definitely worth checking them out. These wired over-ear headphones have an open-back design that helps create a wide, open soundtrack, ideal for mixing. They have a premium, durable feel, and their comfortable fit is ideal for long listening sessions.

In general, they have a very neutral and fair sound profile. The center and triple ranges are remarkably accurate, so the sound, details, and locations are clear and detailed. Like many open backs, they don’t play low bass, so they are a bit light on bumps and rumble in bass-heavy genres like hip-hop.

5. Superlux HD 681

Best Budget Studio Headphones for Mixing 5

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The best budget-priced studio headphones we found are the Superlux HD 681. Despite their lower price, these over-the-ear headphones have a very balanced sound profile, with a full-bodied voice and clear and solo instruments, as well as a relatively deep and extended bass range, so they must suit a wide mix of music genres.

They’re also quite comfortable, courtesy of their lightweight design and spacious earbuds that should fit a wide range of head and ear shapes, so you shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable, even during extended listening sessions. They offer a consistent sound and have a wide soundtrack similar to that of a speaker.

Before you go, I hope this above article best budget studio headphones for mixing will be helpful and beneficial for you.

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