Best Books for Black Millennials

Black History Month is over, however that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to end. Before you go, enjoy a list that we know black millennials will adore and admire. While this list is not exhaustive, we hope that any of these books will force you to think, laugh, feel, or simply look at the world and yourself in a new light. We select books that portray the experience of blacks from many angles and often fit our experience. In this article let’s talk about best books for black millennials.

6 Best Books for Black Millennials

“All about love new visions”

By: Bell Hooks this book is part of a trilogy that focuses on learning and relearning how to interact with others and with ourselves. The hooks in this book are of no use to pull society as a whole from not teaching us how to love. I hope this book helps you get one step closer to being able to love not only others but yourself.

“Who’s afraid of death?”

By: Nnedi Okorafor this book is a story that turns the pages about a young woman who was born of rape, comes to power, and seeks to fight her demons. The book is about armed rape, genital mutilation, and the power dynamics they support. HBO chose this African fantasy novel.

“The Sellout”

By: Paul Beatty. Paul Beatty’s satirical novel manages to make the reader uncomfortable, laugh and analyze many of the stupid practices of society. The main character is a black farmer from California who grows artisanal weeds, watermelon, and peaches that eventually end up on trial at the conference to reintroduce segregation.

“There are more beautiful Things than Beyonce”

By: Morgan Parker This collection of poems will evoke emotions of all kinds. Topics include love, hair, and hate. Humor and truth are expressed in language that will allow you to think twice about your thoughts and feelings.

“Friday Black”

By: Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah This incredible collection of stories will appeal to any reader through its emotions. Nana does a great job of highlighting the cruelty of racism in today’s culture with fiction that is bleak but brilliantly written. The book has been compared to Black Mirror, so if you like wacky sci-fi with sharp social commentary, this might be the one for you.

“American Street”

By: Ibi Zoboi This story examines the history of Aitian immigrants in Detroit. The protagonist encounters culture shock, immigration law, loyalty, and love. He tries to maintain his affective habits and understands his struggles in America, his habits, and how his family operates in this strange new world.

Before you go, I hope this above article best books for black millennials is helpful and beneficial for you.

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