Benefits of an Accountant for IT Contractors and Self Employed

In the UK many are those who think that an accountant is not necessary for companies. Or they feel it is less important if they are starting up for working by themselves as self employed or an IT contractor.

For expats and non residents in the UK the tax figure is important, it can be more expensive for than the cost of hiring an accountant if there are mistakes.

Sometimes small business owners often say that they can not afford the expenses (salaries) to have a permanent accountant in the company. Or sometimes they also think that an accountant would only be there at the end of the year for complying with the basic requirements.

But it turns out that an accountant is much more than that since this can rather help you save time and money and grow your business.

[callout animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Self Employed or IT Contractor?” btn_title=”Get a Free Consultation” btn_url=””]Yes, chances are you need to do an income tax return each year – even if your company was dormant, or you made a loss for the year.[/callout]

Benefits For You

– One of the benefits is that they help you to save time.

– Because they can complete and complete the forms at the appropriate time and deliver them on time to the respective offices of the HMRC, which if you do yourself you could have errors or missing data or not deliver on time and that would carry a fine .

– A great accountant will want to make sure that you and your company get the most out of tax laws that are constantly changing so you can pay your taxes on time and the least amount possible.

– Just as doing the paperwork and minimizing the tax bill, your accountant can also come up with tips to help you grow the business and for a business to succeed it is important that you make the right financial and management decisions.

– If you are starting up or working as self employed, making wrong moves during the first few years can lead to your  business having financial difficulties. Avoid this by getting the best tax advice from the very start.

– Reduce tax debt; Our accountants know how to save money and give good advice on the efficient way to minismise the taxes for the smooth operation of the business and will serve as a guide to empower you.

– Prevent you from receiving high tax penalties and fines One of the main reasons for using our service is when it comes to finances and working for oneself is to avoid late penalties. Keeping up to date with filing taxes whether or not with the help of an online tax return service will also help you maintain a positive balance on bank accounts by avoiding fines that can be between 150 and 1500 pounds.

– Helps grow your business; Our income tax return service is an ally to advise and help grow and make a business progress, so from the outset the relationship between the accountant and business owner should be positive.

– Eliminate your fiscal concerns; Tax returns are often complex for some, but the presence of an online tax return makes it less tedious, including the HMRC’s guidance which is helpful because it is not surprising that for many small business owners Companies are concerned about their tax affairs.

– Our team of hand picked accountants will prepare everything (prepare calculations and tax returns, VAT calculations, link with HRMC, etc) and maintain the peace of mind for you and give you some relief in your business.

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