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How Much is Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay? Answered Here

This article contains the latest information about Amazon Mechanical Turk pay.

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What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (or mTurk) is a system that allows people to complete microtasks on the Amazon platform for money. Very small amounts of money.

It has existed since 2005, but recently it seems to be everywhere.

In December of 2017, Mashable reminded us of the “hard-working workforce”, and Jacobin wrote about the neurobilists who attracted the “ghosts” for digital micro-work.

Wired reported a story about Expensify that allowed Amazon workers to filter through their private data.

As the economy of concerts makes 34 percent of the US workforce. UU. And the gap between rich and poor expands, it is likely that you, or someone close to you, want to accompany you. Millions of Americans tap together in two, three or four part-time jobs. Today, more than 500,000 Amazonian Turkomans around the world are doing the work that agricultural institutions cannot, and many people think it is a valuable supplement to income, unless it is an interesting way to spend time.

How Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

When you sign up to work at Amazon mTurk, you agree to perform small payment tasks, including conducting psychological surveys, deciding on NSFW content, audio rewriting, and editorial sentences write bots.

The workers are called turkers. The term arises from a historical toy associated with a chess machine.

The Turk was a master of human chess full of the board, who was hidden from a clear scene and created the illusion of an autonomous computer that could play chess.

It is a great comparison: the Turkmen are very capable, mentally capable people, who help the AI ​​to progress.

The Turks work through Amazon and Amazon pays them, but the groups that request these tasks do not.

The main companies, newly created research institutes, universities and market research companies, called applicants, grant a commission of 20 to 40 percent to Amazon with respect to access to the workforce of the turrets.

The Amazon Mechanical Turk payment options include Amazon vouchers or bank transfer when you have updated the settings on your profile.

The applicants list a task on this Amazon platform and the workers accept or ignore the tasks and then send the work for approval.

When the work is approved, Amazon issues the money from the candidate’s account to the attorneys account.

These tasks are known as HIT, which is the abbreviation of Human Information Tasks. You can only pay a HIT as low as a penny, but it can only take a few seconds to complete.

Applicants often list how long a task should be taken, as well as the nature of the work and the requirements to complete the work.

For example, applicants may not be looking for “accountants in D.C.” or “HIT approved> 1000”, which means you have successfully completed many tasks.


The Risks of Amazon Mechanical Turk

After registering to complete HITS for Amazon, all workers will be assigned a long and vague mTurk identification number.

Something like the A3IZS0SSGW80FN.

In general, it is believed that the identity is anonymous and they are not connected to your real Amazon account that contains your first and last name.

This is particularly important when conducting psychological studies that ask questions about things like sexuality, traumatic events and crimes that you may have committed.

However, a study in 2013 showed that up to 50 percent of the profiles of workers can be traced back to their owners in public.

Since then, Amazon has made changes.

Then there are some moral problems.

As already mentioned, it is considered ethically suspicious by some, such as the placement of personal data (such as Expensify) or the study that allows things such as past traumas or medical conditions.

Not all HITs are terrible in this way. But there are many there various examples.


Can You Make Money On Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Some turks do more HITs and earn more, plus they have access to better HITs.

For example, if you receive a certain amount for a five-minute HIT, you cross a HIT portal that requires you to complete more than 500 HIT and it pays a little better.

You can also waive your approved qualification since many applicants require that 95 percent or more of their HIT be accepted. I personally do not recommend this method.

In general, most candidates consider the time it takes to complete their HIT or the relationship they have with what they pay. As a result, many turkeys created mechanisms to separate the “good” HITS from the ugly ones.

There are success stories, like someone who made $ 1,100 in its first month.

But few people suggest considering it as a full-time job.

In summary, it’s easy to get burned, how much you can do every day to be unreliable.

Despite that, there’s just so many HITs that it’s worth doing it each day and keeping to it.


Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips

I really believe that there are more effective ways to make money online.

But if you wish to use Amazon Mechanical Turk then it is in the very least a trusted website that will pay you additional cash.

These are the three favourite tips and tricks to make the turkey more enjoyable:

  1. Download Hitscraper: It is a browser extension that allows you to sort all the HITs for which you are eligible in real-time.
  2. Use Turkopticon: Involves applicants and allows users to evaluate them on fairness, speed of payment and more.
  3. Take a look at Reddit MTurk Discussions: It informs you when HIT users are worthwhile in forums and sub-areas like r / hitsworthturkingfor.

All in all, now that you have learned about Amazon Mechanical Turk pay I hope this puts you on the right path to make more money from home. If you would like additional methods to earn more passive income, check out my Recommendations page.


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