Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Top Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed – 3 Steps

One of the top affiliate marketing secrets is to create the ideal amount of backlinks and more…


1) The Way to Build Backlinks

Yes, it plays a significant role in getting traffic and leads today.

It’s best that you build backlinks the natural way, so you’re not penalized by Google or any other search engines.  

Even if you should use an automated tool or semi-automated tool keep it slow and steady.

This suggestion is regarded as one of the top affiliate marketing secrets that gurus have been embracing, so don’t miss out on building your own web footprints.

There are many ways for you to get web traffic, but one of the basics is using blog comments for backlinks.

 I do encourage you to steer clear of link farms or adult content sites as these sites will harm your rankings.

Instead, try building white hat techniques such as blog commenting, article marketing and others.

As a bonus, also build outbound links to authority websites that are relevant to your niche.


2) Choose The Right Keywords 

Another one of the affiliate marketing secrets is to pick the proper keywords.  

This is essential when researching keywords and you shouldn’t be lazy.

Some tools can help you to perform keyword research such as Traffic Travis, Market Samurai, and Micro-Niche Finder.

It is often mentioned in online marketing forums such as Backlink Forums and Warrior Forums although these three research tools aren’t the only ones on the current market.

Because if you write blog content with no SEO strategy you might waste your time, effort and resources reason is.

Even though it’s regarded as one of the top affiliate marketing secrets in the marketing industry there is not one way to do SEO.  

Lots of trial and error has to be done.

When you find the right strategy all you have to do is rinse and repeat.

3) Actionable Tips

 To give you a head start on how to tackle this kind of affiliate marketing secrets, I will share with you some pointers that you should watch out for when performing your research.

This is highly valuable and you can take action with it today. Try it.


  1.  Try to have a decent search volume when you’re first starting.  A safe bet would be approximately 3000 monthly searches.


  1.  Try not to compete with huge pages.  Start looking for keywords that have lower than 30,000 searches.  Make certain you type in “your keyword” in the search box when defining your competition.


  1.  Ensure that your keywords have enough commercial intent.  One way is by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Find keywords ideas in a niche that has at least 600 keyword results.


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These 3 top secrets are considered the most vital when you’re first starting with affiliate marketing secrets. 

You cannot afford to be lazy once you’re doing your link building campaign or keyword research.

Remember, top affiliates usually link keywords, research continuously and use multiple lead generation tactics.

In fact, it is a true art to grow a website and deploy a powerful SEO strategy.

This is what makes you successful and make the bank.

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading this article on affiliate marketing secrets and use the methods here.

Faithful in your success! 


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