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All companies must maintain accounts, regardless of their size. Everyone needs an accountant. However, not all companies will be able to employ a team of salaried accountants within a finance team, and there is often at least £ 50,000 per year for a well-qualified accountant, according to Walters. For many companies, it is about finding a practice that suits them by contract. Individual traders, freelancers, owners and small businesses will often have to hire an accountant. Business owners may have run out of capacity or lack confidence to maintain their own accounts, or feel that their time is better spent elsewhere. These services in London will generally be more urgent, given the higher cost of rent and salaries and a more competitive market. But how much does it really cost to hire an accountant for tax return?

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Costs: how are they broken down?

The cost of an accountant can be calculated on the basis of a fixed time or charge. Alex Rawlings, chief operating officer of the accounting firm of Stone bridge Pay, says hourly rates start at around £ 20.  Accouters generally offer different packages from £ 20 per hour at a fixed rate, depending on the needs and requirements of the business. “Typical costs for an average accountant in the UK are around £ 35 per hour for basic services, such as return work, but you could pay £ 150 per hour or more for more complex work such as tax planning.” Woman The role of an accountant is to prove that its cost is worth it, saving time and money for its customers.


How much are the accountant fees for small businesses?

Accounting fees for small businesses

Accountants deal with a number of small businesses in each type of sector. They deal with accounting, preparation and presentation of self-assessments, tax advice and planning, tax returns, CIS and company settings. The accountants are high level at low rates.

    • Limited company accounts and tax returns: £ 650 to £ 850
    • Payroll per employee – £ 100- £ 120
    • Prices depend on the size and scale of the work.
    • Limited partnerships
    • Small corporations are not legally bound by an auditor.
    • The costs of operating as a limited company are higher than if you were a sole trader. While there are significant benefits, mainly savings from National Class 4 Insurance; and also limited liability.
    • A limited accounting services company is recommended. This is because the preparation of year-end accounts is a legal requirement and requires special accounting information.
    • The main accounting rates for corporations are for the final year, which is then presented in the Chamber of Companies and will be returned to HMRC.
    • Dividends can be paid if you are making a profit and are probably paying yourself. You will also have to register for the self-assessment to pay dividends on your own.
    • You are likely to be paying a salary as a director, if you trade as a Limited Partnership. This will require the registration of a PAYE scheme and payroll administration.

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  • Individual merchants can prepare and submit their own accounts and tax returns.
  • Self-assessments can be done online, but a small business may require a special online filing system.
  • Accountant’s services will include advice, tax advice and general assistance on business issues that can be exploited by new companies.


  • Accountants offer an accounting service, many of which do. If you keep good records of your business, you can save the cost of this additional help, as it saves time for the presentation accountants.
  • Accounting rates are much cheaper than accounting costs. If you combine all accounting costs, you are more likely to save money.
  • As a busy business owner, you are sure that it is a better time to focus on developing and growing your business, rather than spending hours on your accounts and accounting, so you should designate a book assistant.

How Much Does an Accountant Charge for a Tax Return?

On average, an accountant will charge around £ 300 to file your tax return, depending on the type of business you have. It is a little cheaper if you are an independent worker who seeks help with a self-assessment tax return, and more expensive if it is a small or large company. This may not be too much money, but you must remember factors, for example:

  • This section applies to single merchant rates. This section is better if it is not a limited company that seeks accountant fees.
  • The company that cannot take the day to see its accountant.
  • Costs incurred for time away from work.
  • Document collection is required for tax returns.

Not all of these will affect your wallet, but they can affect your health and well-being. For some companies, this is how it has been done, but have you ever considered a change?

How much will a fee accountant charge your business?

Online service

Online accountants have fixed prices, but these prices are tailored to the needs of your company. You will get an estimate of how much a tax return will cost your company based on your needs, rather than an hourly rate. They are also available throughout the year, not only when your tax returns expire. This means that you can work on your tax returns as you go. Whatever the bills, costs or payments, you can upload the information into the cloud-based accounting software and voila!


Self assessment tax return

For a self assessment tax return, the accounts will charge £ 250 + somewhere in the area. The change depends on how difficult your tax returns are. Self-assessments can be carried out without the help of an accountant, but one will ensure that it is done correctly. Since you are running a business, you probably already have an accountant. However, if you don’t, you should seriously consider someone to get.

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