A Plane Lost Its Roof at 24,000 Feet But Managed to Land

You’ve probably seen Hollywood movies where a hole in the side of a plane causes utter chaos. Luckily, in reality, small damage to fuselage won’t have such dramatic consequences. But a big opening in a plane’s side will. So would you believe me if I told you a pilot managed to land a plane with its much of it’s roof torn completely off?

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Why the pilots didn’t inspect the aircraft from the outside 0:37
Clear blue sky instead of the ceiling 1:54
What happened to the passengers 3:27
An emergency landing 4:38
No ambulances were waiting for the injured 6:28
What could cause such a terrible accident? 7:48

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– At 1:25 pm, on April 28, 1988, a 19-year-old Boeing 737 that belonged to Aloha Airlines left Hilo International Airport and headed for Honolulu.
– When the plane arrived at this destination, the pilots didn’t leave the cockpit or inspect the aircraft from the outside. After all, it wasn’t a requirement, and they didn’t have to do it.
– The length of the missing part was 18.5 ft long, and that was the aircraft skin that covered the plane from the cockpit back to the fore-wing area.
– The plane started to roll from side to side, and it was becoming increasingly harder to control. Everybody who was in the cockpit immediately put on their oxygen masks, and the captain took over the aircraft.
– All three flight attendants were standing along the aircraft aisle. The one who was the closest to the front of the plane was swept out through the hole in the roof.
– But the problem was at that time, in case of emergency, the airport control tower had to dial 911 just like anyone else. l
– As the plane was approaching the runway, the left engine failed, and the aircraft started rocking and shaking. The captain made an attempt to restart the engine but didn’t succeed.
– Everyone on the plane, except for the flight attendant who had been pulled out of the plane, was alive, although 65 people were injured. Most people had been hurt by flying debris and torn pieces of fuselage.
– During one interview that followed the accident, passenger Gayle Yamamoto remembered that she had spotted a crack in the fuselage when she was boarding. Unfortunately, she was the only one who had seen this damage, and the woman hadn’t thought that the crack was important enough to inform the crew.

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