A Huge Snake Could Be a Reason Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct

There are creatures that have a spine-chilling effect on almost everyone. They’ve lived on Earth for millions of years, and nowadays you can still find them on almost every continent. Yes, it’s snakes, those amazing legless and terrifying beasts, that many centuries ago used to be so huge, they could have hunted and eaten dinosaurs!

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The biggest serpent that has ever lived on Earth 0:41
What was on the dinner menu for these creatures 2:01
Titanoboa VS. T-Rex 3:14
The most powerful snakes of the modern world 4:19
Can anaconda swallow a pig? 5:31
How smaller snakes strangle bigger snakes (and swallow them) 7:20

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– Titanoboa is the biggest serpent that has ever lived on Earth. It thrived in South American jungles after the extinction of dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago.
– The biggest representatives of Titanoboa grew up to 40 ft long, which is almost as long as a semitrailer, and weighed more than a ton!
– The huge snakes were not only perfectly capable of eating “fleshy” animals, but they could also digest shells and bones! The only problem was that this process took significantly longer than usual.
– In fact, had they lived at the same time, the Titanoboa could have come out as the winner in a fight with the T-Rex! When the giant snake squeezed its prey, the pressure could reach 400 lbs per square inch.
– All of the biggest snakes nowadays belong to the python, anaconda, and boa constrictor families, which are non-venomous.
– Some of the longest snakes nowadays are pythons. See for yourself: the biggest reticulated python can grow up to 29 ft, which is almost as long as a London bus!
– Anacondas can munch on animals that are much bigger than the snake itself. Pigs, antelopes, deer, rodents, and other small mammals are regular dishes on a large snakes’ menu.
– Interestingly, some snakes, namely, the common king snake, manage to dine on other snakes that seriously exceed their own size!

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