8 golden tips on how to pay off the debt that’s been haunting you

8 golden tips on how to pay off the debt that's been haunting you

Debt is always a headache and has to be handled carefully otherwise, it can cause serious financial and mental hindrances. With extra saving tricks and financial management, you can pay off your the debt that’s been bothering you for years

Another job can make you unhealthy, tired, and procrastinated when you already have a tough schedule with your first job. If you are unable to manage utilities, bills, and the debt deadline is also on the way, it’s high time to learn some basic and effective skills of extra income.

Here’s a list of some legit, vital, and practical methods of paying the debt in a couple of months.

Choose the one that suits your preferences and design your budget accordingly.

Let’s begin with some basic home billing techniques

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1. Cut off your cable connections

Television and internet landline connections are much more expensive and require regular maintenance when compared to online services. You can save up to $100 by switching to app-based television connections such as smart TV, satellite connections, and the very famous, Netflix. The Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts can be shared with others as multiple connections and your monthly subscription can be reduced.

2. Part-time delivery can make to pull some good money

Part-time delivery job at Uber, Amazon, and other companies is an efficient manner of saving sphere time. It’s not a hectic job and you can avail of the delivery options accordingly to your timetable.

Advice: Choose your suitable hours and use your car/bike.

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3. Couponing, the ultimate way of saving

Always look for deals and promo codes when intending to buy anything. It could be as simple as grocery, gadgets, or luxury items. After doing a good research on multiple stores and brands, you can have an accurate idea of the average cost of the item and can save yourself from buying an overpriced item. Coupons details are available on websites, social media pages, and the brand’s outlets themselves.

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Seeking coupons is no longer considered as cheap. Instead, it has become a fad. Since coupons are now available online, millions of shoppers are utilizing them to receive huge discounts. The stigmas related to this practice are long gone. This is the time to become an unapologetic couponer and save every dollar possible.

As per observations, by using regular promo codes and discount offers, one can save up to $166 per week. That’s a massive saving goal!

4. Recycle and resell

Selling your unwanted and used items is an environment-friendly option of saving wisely. You can sell your used clothes, furniture, shoes, and other household items on great sites like eBay. You can then utilize that amount to buy groceries and utilities. Additionally, there are many resell stores like ThredUp where you can sell and buy used items. They have an online calculator where you can estimate the cost of your possessions and get the idea. ThredUp is offering a 50% discount on its first order, grab your hand on it! eBay also hosts regular deals such as resell and buy items such as discounts ranging from 10% to 50%.

5. Rent your area

You have spare rooms or in your house, give them on rent to increase your monthly income. You can make up to $200 a week, at least. You can rent your lawn area for events like wedding functions. How about making it a temporary tourist house attraction?

6. Take help from your banks

Many banks help their clients in times of financial strain by lowering the interest rate on credit and debit cards. The low interest rate can allow you to save more for the allocation of your debt money. You can ask your bank for a loan to pay off your debt in hours of urgency. You can later pay that amount in the shape of monthly installments from your salary. This will save you from the pressure and headache of paying the actual debt.

7. Freelancing? A good way to pay off the debt

We already know that freelancing jobs are remote-based and hence require no traveling. If you are equipped with skills such as graphic designing, content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, and the list goes on, it’s right to build your freelancing profile on websites such as Upwork. Design your freelancing experience and skills and get gigs ready on your order. Freelancing is a high-pay job with no traveling cost and is done under your comfort zone. According to research, freelancers earn more than an average manager in a mediocre organization. You can entertain freelancing tasks according to your schedule and on weekends.

8. Weigh down the options and see what comes under your feasibility

Most people will consider a second job as a prayer and viable option to get free from debts as soon as possible. It’s totally up to the individual’s budget and debt condition. Debts can put a person at the stake of getting a mental breakdown and suffer its social life for it. Paying debts requires a complete budgeting strategy that considers monthly income, monthly savings, and other significant budgeting protocols.

The latest solution

Their assistance includes debt counselling, negotiation of the interest rate of debts. They will register you as a debtor and your creditor. You will be committed to pay the monthly installment of the debts to that agency and they will later pay it to the creditor. This makes the debt-paying hectic task easy and manageable. It also reduces the chances of getting in a feud with the creditor.

Get in touch with a debt counselor and credit management agencies. If you are unaware and it lacks expertise in managing your budget and debts, a credit counseling agency can help you in forming a strategy, schedule, and saving plan. They can design a debt-negotiating plan to let you discuss your debt-paying timeline with your creditor.

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