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Earn Extra Income: Dropshipping and E-Commerce! How to Make Money When Times Are Tough

Earn extra income by following the steps in this article that will help you to get started on the right path for online business.

If you’re like the vast majority of self employed entrepreneurs, you’re feeling the pinch in your pocketbook this holiday season.

Unemployment was skyrocketing, and we were all finding it increasingly difficult to earn a good living to keep up with a luxurious lifestyle shown on TV and advertising.

But there’s hope for those people who need a little extra cash this time of year, and that hope is via online dropshipping!

If you are curious about online business then this article will help you identify if dropshipping is a viable choice for you to earn extra income.

Simple Steps

Drop shipping allows average internet users just like me and you to quickly and easily market products online without the hassles of buying packaging or shipping.

Simply register with an online drop shipping service, market their products online at your cost, and keep the difference after the sale!

This support is made possible because dropshipping companies anonymously ship their products right to your customers. As far as your client knows, he’s dealing exclusively with you and your online business.

EBay and Amazon.com are great options for those new to drop shipping online.

With minimal costs, new drop shippers can test the waters of online e-commerce and try to resell high demand products to a wide customer audience.

Although eBay may charge a nominal listing fee to sell your product, Amazon.com will only collect a small percentage as soon as your product sells.

Or, better yet, market many different products from your dropshipping supplier on your own e-commerce site on Shopify, Weebly or Etsy and quickly build a loyal customer base.

My Case Study: Dropshipping Dresses on Shopify

I initially delved into the world of dropshipping to test out my passion for the fashion industry by selling luxury dresses for women.

The process was so simple that after 30 minutes I had my website up with selected images of the items and an integrated wholesaler that I found on Orberlo.

If a busy mumpreneur can resell only dresses online with zero knowledge about the technical dropshipping aspects, then you can too!

How You Can Get Started

The first step to getting started in the world of dropshipping is to find the right platform to sign up to.

Then you need to choose your supplier for your products.

Be extra careful in choosing your supplier because authentic product wholesalers are not on all sites.

One of the biggest risks in the dropshipping business is finding a supplier who is a middleman; if you do not find a real trusted & affordable supplier, the product pricing will be greater, and your gains will be lower!

As opposed to searching for suppliers via a search engine, I recommend that you sign up for a database to ensure that you have access to the best products at the most affordable prices

Once you’ve located your suppliers, the rest is simple.

Simply select the products that you wish to resell, post those products in an online auction or on your e-commerce site at a small markup cost (usually 20 – 50% profit margin for you), and wait for customers to buy your products.

Get Sales to Earn Extra Income

Well, instead of waiting I actually recommend actively promoting and advertising your products every single day.

The best advertising campaigns for dropshipping are done using Facebook Ads and there are many experts who have training courses for dropshopping ads to get sales.

When your sales start rolling in, simply forward the purchase information to your dropshipper, and they will handle the rest.

One final tip, remember to register for your self employed tax, because when you earn extra income with dropshipping is a real business that you need to register.

Faithful in your success! 

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