7 Exercises to Relieve Nerve Pain In a Few Minutes

Do you suffer from sciatica? Sciatic nerve pain – it’s a shooting pain that can show up in your lower back, butt, hips, and legs. It’s a real nightmare for those who suffer from it, and many are willing to turn to surgery to get rid of it. But that’s not even necessary in over 75% of cases! One of the most effective methods to fight this kind of pain is regular therapeutic exercises.

You can use a yoga mat or simply put a blanket on a flat surface. Don’t forget to close all the windows and doors so that there isn’t a draft, and make sure that it’s not too cold in the room!

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– #1. “Eye of the Needle Stretch” is one of the most effective exercises you can do to relieve sciatic nerve pain. Do 2-3 reps on each leg for the best results.
– #2. For this one, you’ll remain on your back with your knees bent. But this time, rest your arms alongside your body. Now raise your legs a little bit off the ground. Keep lifting and lowering them 5 times.
– #3. For the last floor exercise, you’ll need a tennis ball. Lie down on it so that it’s positioned right under one of your buttocks. Then, gently move to find the sore spot.
– #4. This first one is actually a yoga pose! It’s called “Half Lord of the Fishes” and it’s known to not only ease sciatica but also energize the spine, stimulate the work of the liver and kidneys, and give a good stretch to your muscles.
– #5. The second and final exercise of this set is a lot simpler. Sit on a chair and place your left ankle on your right knee. Then, carefully lean forward while keeping your back straight.
– #6. To perform our first standing exercise, you have to place one foot on an elevated surface like a chair or table while keeping your leg and toes straight. From this position, gently stretch toward this leg as close as you possibly can until you feel a clear resistance in your thigh.
– #7. And to finish off the workout and remove sciatic pain for good, bend your left leg and place it on an elevated surface once again. Take a small step back with your right foot and gently stretch toward your left leg as close as possible.
– Home remedies can also help you deal with this problem if it occurs way too often. One way to do it is to use essential oils, like ginger oil or peppermint oil.
– Your diet also plays a bigger role here than you may think! A study conducted by Italian researchers confirmed that the regular intake of vitamin D can help treat sciatica.
– Try to pay attention to your posture because it can make or break your sciatic nerve condition. Another important thing is to avoid lifting really heavy objects and try not to wear high heels too often.

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