5 Gender Stereotypes That Stop You from Being Happy

Who should pay for dinner at a restaurant, a man or a woman? Which gender stereotypes keep you from being happy? Over 2,000 scientific studies have proved that there’s no difference between genders in terms of intelligence or emotional perception. However, some people still think that “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.” In today’s video, we’ll talk about the gender stereotypes that don’t just cause a lot of heated arguments online but also limit choices in our daily lives.

Children have no idea how to behave according to their gender, so it’s up to their parents and other adults to explain these things to them. For example, boys were once taught to be ashamed of themselves if they cried, and girls were taught never to mess up their dresses. Psychologist Christia Spears Brown says that any child, regardless of their gender, should have 3 types of toys: one for their intelligence, one for their body, and one for their emotions. Puzzles develop intelligence, bicycles and balls are necessary for physical activity, and playing with dolls and soft toys teaches children to be kind and caring.

Are girls supposed to be beautiful and kind? 1:32
Should a man pay for a woman at a restaurant 3:23
Are men polygamous? 4:58
Are women worse managers than men? 5:55
Men don’t cry, do they? 7:18

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– Don’t prohibit your son from playing with kitchen toys and strollers; girls should be allowed to play with toy cars. Don’t use phrases like “Don’t fight! You’re a girl!” or “You have to be strong because you’re a boy!”
– If it’s about a balanced relationship, then ideally a man should offer to pay and a woman should refuse. If he gives her a present, she should give him a present too.
– Some people think that men have some kind of “gene” that makes them cheat. But the reality is that neither men nor women are monogamous from birth.
– Many employers believe that women are not good for management positions, and so they rarely get jobs where they can showcase their leadership skills. This idea creates the “glass ceiling” effect of an invisible barrier that limits women’s career growth for reasons that have nothing to do with their professional skills.
– According to studies, men experience anger, sadness, and fear just as often as women, but they express only anger, suppressing fear and sadness (unlike women, who suppress their anger and express sadness and fear).

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