4 Ways to Scare Your Friends Who Run a Small Business

It is the crazy and scary Halloween season!

What kind of treats have you got ready? How are you dressing up and what kind of thrill have you got planned for your friends?

“Thrill” you ask?

Yes! Halloween is a great time of year to give the people around you a bit of a stir, a scare and some excitement – all in good fun of course!

So here’s 4 things you should never ask your entrepreneurial friends…

Unless you want to give them a fright….

1. Taxes

“How do you feel about the new Small Business Tax Increase that takes effect next month?”

2. Money & Cash Flow

“I heard that because of the worsening economic climate it is expected that the majority of small businesses in the UK will run out of money in the next 6 months. How are you going to deal with that in your business?”

3. Staff

“How is the new HR legislation that gives employees more rights and makes it harder to fire them going to impact you?”

4. Growth

“I read that the growth in your industry is slowing, will that mean your business will suffer too?”

Sidenote: These questions are hypothetical so don’t leave your “victims” hanging too long, relieve them of their anguish and have another drink together celebrating Halloween!

Growth of a business is the cornerstone to its’ long term future. Growth comes in all shapes and sizes; it could be more customers, bigger customers or customers from different areas or markets. So I’d like to think you are 100% ready right now.

All small business owners know that without growth, they are going backwards (even if their current client base stays the same).

Now a question for you: Do you feel ready to grow your business? How do you feel when you have to face the ‘scary’ stuff?

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