21 Savage Financial Literacy Program Review

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21 Savage Financials Literacy Program Review:

In 2018 21 Savage launched the “Bank Account Financial Education Program”. And now the Atlanta rapper is expanding this service for use online. Bank Account at Home is a new online financial education program launched by 21 in association with the community engagement company EVERFI and the banking company Chime. According to a press release the free program is a “direct response” to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced students to take their education online.

“During these uncertain times of financial hardship. Savage feels that financial education is more important than ever. And should be freely available to the next generation to empower them to be successful with the right tools on his trip. “The press release reads. The program is designed for K-12 students with elementary students learning the basics of money management. High school students learning about financial planning and high school students learning about budgeting and entrepreneurship.

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Now that this pandemic is becoming more difficult than ever. And so many families across the country believe that. It is more important than ever to give our next generation the tools to be successful in life.

A partnership with mobile banking service provider Chime. Educational technology platform EverFi, and nonprofit Juma Ventures. The Atlanta rapper’s “Home Bank Account” national financial education program seeks to educate youth on how to manage and earn money. And tablets to underprivileged students in the city as part of the initiative.

Home Bank Account will provide free online financial education resources. And lessons for children from elementary school through high school and their families. The program will help them learn the pros and cons of money management. Such as budgeting, saving, investing and entrepreneurship.

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