Ikigai Japanese Happiness Principle That Everyone Need to Follow

According to surveys, around 73% of Japanese citizens are perfectly content with their lives. So, they must have some sort of secret recipe for happiness, right? It’s called ‘ikigai’ and it can completely change your world…

Ikigai means “reason for being” or the meaning to your life. According to this philosophy, you can only be truly happy and fulfilled with your life when you find this crucial thing. A study from Tohoku University discovered that people who were lucky enough to find their ikigai have better health and lead a more active and joyful lifestyle. Obviously, finding this special something, the reason for your being, is a long and time-consuming process. Thankfully, Japanese experts have narrowed it down to just 4 crucial questions you have to ask yourself.

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What os Ikigai? 0:19
Question #1: What do you love? 1:11
Question #2: What are you good at? 1:36
Question #3: What can you actually get paid for? 2:01
Question #4: What does the world need that you can provide? 2:29
4 main components of life 2:58
Finding balance 3:41
A few ideas you can try out today 4:44
Btw, there are some rules 5:48

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– Sit down, grab a piece of paper, and write down a list of all the things you love. The longer the list, the better!
– Even your craziest talents and abilities count, like touching your nose with your tongue! This will help you figure out how wide your potential really is and how you can develop and use your talents to the fullest.
– Look at both those lists you made and try to determine which items can bring you real money that’ll meet all your needs.
– First of all, ask yourself what you personally need. Maybe a new useful service or another unique type of social media? After that, you can reflect on the question of what the world needs.
– If you’re still struggling to find your ikigai, try to remember what activities excited you when you were a kid or what kind of work comes naturally to you.
– Look at all the things you wrote down and try to figure out what activity will combine these 4 elements.
– Another thing you should keep in mind is that ikigai isn’t always about career achievements. It can also be your hobby or family!
– Develop a morning ritual. Morning is the ideal time to absorb new information and get your mind going.
– Enjoy every single moment. Your past can’t be changed and your future can’t be predicted, so why not live in the current moment while it lasts?
– Find your happy hobby. Even if you love your job to the moon and back, you have to relax and recharge.
– Stay active, take care of your body and mind, surround yourself with good friends and family, and never forget about gratitude.
– Nature is a big help when it comes to connecting with your ikigai as well, so maybe take up hiking or at least go for regular walks in the park.
– And like most things in life, your ikigai can change with time. You evolve as a person and gain new experience, so it’s only natural that your values change as well.

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