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Creativity takes courage. 60 Second Docs profiles ten talented artists, who experiment boldly with paper, paint, and ink — all in the name of expression.

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Wing Maker // 00:00
Alexis Noriega of Tempe Arizona turned her love of cosplay and fantasy into a full-time job making mechanical wings. Her top clients are artists and cosplay enthusiasts who will pay upwards of $4,000 for her life-sized wings – because humans are meant to fly!

House of Heads // 01:00
Self-taught artist Ruben Orozco Loza of Guadalajara, México molds hyper-realistic sculptures of pop culture icons. In a process that takes close to half a year, Ruben breathes life into his work — from their heads down to the hair on their toes.

Life-Size Portraits // 03:00
11-year-old child prodigy Elisabeth Anisimow paints models, props and backdrops to create living paintings. She began painting on paper at two years old, but her work expanded into her parents’ garage at their home in Los Angeles, California. She’s earned over $35,000 in sales and plans to put the money towards her college education.

Fingerpaint Master // 03:00
Iris Scott of Brooklyn, New York has been making art since she was just a kid — but it wasn’t until she lived in Taiwan that she committed to a specific practice. Her method of choice? Fingerpainting. The images in her larger than life works are colored and shaded by entirely by hand.

Crane Master // 04:00
Cristian Marianciuc from Siret, Romania fights depression by making origami paper cranes. Every day he folds, cuts and glues a new bird. His craft serves as a repetitive and therapeutic meditation — the final result, which can take 15 hours to create, is a document of his hope and healing.

Slinky Artist // 05:00
Cuban-American artist Felix Semper went from unemployed to in high demand as he honed his craft of paper sculpting. The paper sculptor, or slinky artist, is now internationally famous and crafts some of the world’s most mind-boggling sculptures.

The Shadow Doodler // 06:00
Vincent Bal from Antwerpen, Belgium is looking on the bright side — to find more shadows. Vincent creates his doodles by conjuring up creative images based on the shadows that an object casts — because when light and dark come together, reality and fantasy rise from the page.

Eyelid Artist // 07:00
In life, we perceive art with our eyes — but sometimes, the art is on our eyes. Mexican-American makeup artist Pamela Tellez Coria of Atlanta, Georgia creates extremely detailed works of art on her eyelids. Icons like Bob Ross, Da Vinci, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse are reborn at a tiny scale.

Master of Thumbs // 08:00
Noah Deledda makes a living with just his two thumbs. Captivated by transformation, the Florida artist subverts expectations by creasing and denting ordinary cans, turning them into sought-after art. His sculptures encourage others not to overlook the underlying beauty in our daily lives.

Skeleton of Color // 09:00
Mexican-American artist Butch Locsin, AKA the Skeleton of Color, is a Los Angeles based performance artist known for his smoke art. His perfectly timed and visually captivating art incorporates Hispanic folklore, most notably his Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skeleton mask.
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