You Deserve to Live the Laptop Lifestyle.

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More and more people are finding freedom through working on their laptop. What I mean by that is – over the last few years a fast growing number of entrepreneurs are creating business opportunities by working online or running their business using online resources.

When I started Tax Twerk I created my mission of fun, travelling and delivering true value for my clients. I realised that I would not be able to all of that by myself. Especially because at the same time I was about to give birth to my daughter and my time would be split between raising my baby and growing my business.

I learned that delegation is the key. Finding quality people to join my team has been so important to our success so far. I started with freelancers who supported me in marketing, bookkeeping, tax consulting and web design. We now have a team of 5 people who understand our vision and together we deliver amazing results for our clients.

One of the things I had to learn is to let go. I liked to be in full control by doing everything myself. Now I am still in full control but in a different way. I have learned to trust and rely on others to help me to achieve even better outcomes!

The freedom that comes from the living the ultimate laptop lifestyle is what I pursue, and I know many others do too. It does take hard work, late nights and persistence. What keeps me going is my dream of reaching a 7 figure income, exceeding the benchmark of 100 VIP clients and throwing a huge celebration party for all my clients, partners and supporters when we do!

I strongly believe in the potential and greatness that is in all of us. We can all do more than we can imagine, and achieve even bigger things than we dream about. A really wise man who lived on earth hundreds of years ago and who created life change through his wisdom and actions said: “You can do all that I can do and even more!”

Believing in myself and growing my faith, no matter what others are doing or saying has been very important. I think that if you have a dream, chase after it! Do what you can to achieve it. When you start taking the first steps, you will be amazed what doors and opportunities will open for you!

The ultimate laptop lifestyle is having the freedom to spend more time with those you love, not being tied to specific locations and being able to travel to destinations you have always dreamed about whilst running your business!

If you want to know more about my journey or get tips how you can progress on yours, I would love to hear from you. And if you need assistance with bookkeeping or tax consulting, the Taxtwerk team is at your disposal!


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