Yoga, Tetris and Leather Shorts Gave Me My Life Back

Autumn is here and the days where the heat seemed unbearable are gone. Which is why my crop top, leather shorts and sunglasses are now retired.

Not, because it’s not warm enough to use them, but because I’m now super focused!

The beach is so last season.

… It’s all about the AUTUMN!

The final season before we start talking heavy tax business.

Today, I want TO address the headaches behind doing your taxes without help.

Without a certified online bookkeeper.

You shouldn’t have to get serious, or take it back a notch because it’s getting close to tax season. Which is why I’m going to teach you a few secrets that I learned through college.

Why Do You Need A Bookkeeper In The Final Quarter Before Tax Season?

So check this out!

… You know how you were in school and your teacher is giving a lesson on who knows what?

And you’re just fed up.

You’re bored and focus is just impossible unless you escape to your quiet place.

So you take one look up and you’re off….

… You start playing a little Tetris and making your finest origami pieces to date.

A few minutes later you’re cool and less stressed out than before.


Because you were able place your mind on something else. You got rid of the GRIND and inserted some fun.

You replaced bored and tedious with an alternative that improved your state of mind and the FUN factor.

And that’s what an online bookkeeper, can do for you and your business.

Why is Online Bookkeeping So Important?

  1. We’re trained to lead you into this year’s tax season with ease. We’re certified, which means we won’t leave anything out.
  2. Most people spend tons of time (Time Is Money) getting their taxes right to submit to the tax man. Yet an online bookkeeper saves you time, yet more importantly gives you back time to spend elsewhere.
  3. Lastly they get it right. Back in my Tetris days…. I would tune out my college tutor and play and play. Now I make sure I attend Yoga classes every week.

… We all need a break. And that’s what an online bookkeeper in Luton, UK, can do.

… Stop stressing and start working with your own personal accountant today. We’ll help you with:

  • Your Personal Tax Return
  • End of Year Company Accounts
  • And a whole lot more!

If you want to discuss how to free up your time immediately, please call me now:

Telephone (UK): 0330 321 1136
Or e-mail me with your number, and I’ll call you back wherever you are in the

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