Xero Accounting Software Review

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Xero Software Review: Why We Love Cloud Accounting

Any business whether it is big or small, cannot survive without a proper accounting system. Since, the Middle Ages, the accounting was done with various books, which were known as the ledgers. It used to be a very tedious job.

But with the invention of computers, people in offices started using computers and accounting software programs for calculating and storing the account transactions on a computer hard disk.

With the advent of the internet, it became easier to work and share the accounting information in different locations. But still, there are problems of security, theft, retrieving accounting information and getting a clear overview of the finances.

With cutting edge technology, which is known as online cloud accounting, this problem now has an efficient solution. The breakthrough accounting solution is impressive bookkeeping software – Xero Accounting.

The two main queries we get are what is online cloud accounting? And why do we love cloud accounting?

The main answer is: the benefit for the small business owner. You require only a computer and an internet connection, which can be anywhere in the world. As Xero Accountants we provide the accounting services in any section of your business such as online bookkeeping, invoicing, creditors, debtors, VAT, management reporting and submitting your tax return online.

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We have identified the 6 main benefits for the small business owner:


  1. With the Xero software, you can share your accounting information online. You can also collaborate with assured security of your information. It helps to save you the time, money and efforts. Whether you have no existing records, or if you need to move to Xero, we can seamlessly get you set up fast.


  1. The features of Xero including the full accrual accounting system with the automated daily bank feeds, creditors, debtors, invoicing and a cash-book etc.


  1. Due to the full–fledged accounting system, we can perform various functions like bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, reporting every month and also maintain accurate and organised accounts throughout the year.


  1. You can access the Xero dashboard anywhere and anytime.  This means that you can keep an eye on our work and your finances.


  1. You can access Xero 24/7 from any internet connection in the world. You can access it from PC, MAC, Blackberry, iPhone or any other android mobile device.


  1. Lastly, but one of the most important benefit of Xero, is that it stores all your confidential accounting information on highly secured corporate grade servers, which are automatically back up every day.


This is why Xero is the software of choice for Tax Twerk and many of our clients. We love how it reduces collecting and transferring paperwork. This sums up our review on Xero Accounting. We get the information we need fast and consistently transform it into beautiful accounting – leaving you to enjoy your time on other areas.

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