Why I’ll Double My Donation to Unseen Every Year

One of the slogans we use as online accountants is Unblock Your Freedom™. We use this in the context of assisting our clients with the finances in their business and creating opportunities for them to create the lifestyle and achieve the dreams they are aiming for.

But for us there is much more to Freedom than just in a business sense.

It is so sad and absolutely mind blowing to know that over 35 million people today are forced to live in slavery worldwide. That is almost half the population of the UK living in slavery!

Often people think that slavery and human trafficking is something that happens far away, in other countries and that it is not really an issue that touches their lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are human rights issues happening today.

Here are a few examples of how close to home slavery and human trafficking is:

– In 2012 there were over 2000 cases reported of human trafficking in the UK. This involved men, women and children and they were found to be used for sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation and labour exploitation. It is anticipated that this number of reported cases is only the tip of the iceberg of the actual amount of trafficked people currently in the UK.

– The fish you eat regularly, which you buy in your local supermarket could very well be caught by slaves that were trafficked to work on fishing boats in Asia. Some of these people caught up in these situations have to live on these boats full time. The only way off these boats is by escaping or dying.

– The soccer ball your children are playing with could be made by trafficked people that have to work in unimaginable conditions for no or very little pay. Some of the biggest brands on the planet use production methods which involve trafficked people who have no hope of a better and free live.

In 2015, our VIP Membership fee helps support Unseen. If you choose to work with us then you are also contributing towards a change.

By supporting Unseen we hope to help raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and slavery and contribute to the fight for human rights.

Unseen UK is a fantastic organisation is working to stop human trafficking and is making a real difference to the lives of people who were trafficked and saved in the UK.

We’re proud to support them here at Tax Twerk and we have decided to double our monthly donation each year that we grow and work with more VIPs!

Check out Unseen website or find out more or go to https://www.walkfree.org/ to find out more about worldwide trafficking and slavery.

As always, if you would like to more about the information we shared please get in touchunseen donation tax twerk online accountant

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