Who Needs To File An FBAR?

Who Needs To File An FBAR? Answered Here

Here is information on who needs to file an FBAR. Read more about it below.


US Citizen Abroad Taxes

The Way FATCA and FBAR is Impacting U. S.Expats can affect the amount of money in your bank account.

This applies to Americans reporting to the IRS.

Citizens, including dual citizens living abroad, are required to report their banking action in foreign-held accounts and secondly, there’s another law requiring global banks and taxpayers overseas to report the action of these accounts.

It’s been required for several years now for the U. Citizens living abroad to report these reports on their tax returns, but they’re establishing a method of communicating by the banks to be certain this action is reported.

The laws were designed supposedly to capture the people or associations that are evading taxes from the U.S government.

Or laundering money by using foreign banks.


Who Should File a FBAR?

Well, there are two easy questions that will show you if you must file or not. See the summary below:

  1. The aggregate value of foreign financial accounts exceeded $10,000 at any moment during the calendar year and hasn’t yet been reported.
  2. There are many other exceptions for IRA accounts, Army personal, some joint partner accounts and others.

It is best for you to speak to your accountant or visit the Internal Revenue Service website in the link below to read the real requirements regarding the FBAR.

Please be certain you understand this is not only for income or gain created abroad but for all assets which may or may not demand the payment of any extra taxes.

So if all your foreign bank assets, bank accounts, mutual fund trusts, brokerage accounts or any other form of foreign financial accounts you can have signature power on, have an aggregate total in any moment throughout the year of over $10,000.00 USD you have to file a FBAR.


For more information on who needs to file an FBAR speak with a tax expert or get a free quote here today.


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