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shot out to my 12,000 Subscribers here on youtube, I do my videos for you and I know you watch them because I’m about to have 2,000,000 views on all my videos. Just like you, I do the same thing to. Watch videos all day long when I work on how to get better on educating you on what I do and how you can start. Here I show you intimate details of my life and share it with you. I’m always working either on your file or on me. You will see my workout videos (if you don’t follow me already, just go to @gizzycredit on Instagram) to see my daily snaps (@gizzycredit Snapchat) as well.

I will also take you grocery shopping for my daily #breakfasthustle meals and take you to my favorite restaurant @JohnsFriedChicken in Cliffside Park NJ. I’ll also take you to my momdukes place cause she loves cooking for me and I can’t say no to mom’s cooking!

Then I bring you back to work. Show you how people contact me thru emails text 973-440-8661 and contact me on Social Media here on Youtube and Instagram and Facebook! It’s a busy say and kind of bipolar with ups and downs but I love it! I love helping people with their credit and business credit, tradelines and business loans. It’s a lot of work but thanks to you, I get to be creative everyday in making new content for you to watch. This video is long, over 50mnts but I know it’s only for “my people” yess, YOU!

I have a lot more content to upload as well and will have more fun educational videos for all you to watch and share.

Just like you, I watch or listen to videos while I work, eat, clean the house or just spend time on youtube. I will show you how people get quotes, how people get results and most important how you can start with us ASAP!

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if you want me to help you with your credit!

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We can remove and you can see from my previous videos and results:

-tax liens, bankruptcy, Judgement, child Support, felonies

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