What Headphones Work With PS4 Controller?

What Headphones Work With PS4 Controller? Answered Here

Many people want to know, ‘What headphones work with PS4 controller?’ So we have researched the top 4 options. Check out the information below and click the blue buttons to get more information on Amazon.com.


  1. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

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The best PS4 headphone of 2019




  • Great cost


  • Sturdy, agreeable structure


  • Exceptional sound yield




  • Light on Features


Features and What We Like About It:


Acoustic structure: Closed Back


Link length: 1.3m


Drivers: 50mm


Weight: 322g


Similarity: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, portable


What headphones work with PS4 controller? Well, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is as of now the best PS4 headphone you can purchase. Having supplanted the Razer Kraken Pro V2, it’s presently as well as can be expected purchase as far as worth and execution. It’s a fabulous all-rounder, with sound capacities that punch well over its sticker price, and amazing bass that makes it ideal for gaming. Since it’s equipped for THX spacial sound, the Kraken TE is calibrated for internet recreations like Apex Legends, helping you to pinpoint adversary developments and gunfire very precisely.


As a solitary player headphone, it performs well with most kinds of game, and even handles in-game exchange splendidly, which is something that gets out most gaming headphones. Of course, it comes up short on a little nuance in the mid-range, and misses out to other headphones that will cost you $150-200. However as a rule the sound here is very satisfactory. It’s comfortable, because of the updated headband and cooler ear cushions, the mic is clear and noisy, and the volume control box implies you don’t need to stop mid-game to change the volume or quiet your mic. In general, it’s a phenomenal bundle, and will altogether upgrade the sound for all PS4 diversions.

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  1. Sony Playstation Wireless Platinum

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The best remote PS4 headphone, and furthermore the official model




  • Designed only for the PlayStation 4


  • Super agreeable


  • Stylish look




  • Companion app needed

Features And What We Like About It:


Acoustic plan: Closed Back


Battery life: 6 hours


Drivers: 50mm


Weight: 318g


Similarity: PS4


You would be hard pushed to locate another remote headphone with the sound quality and list of capabilities of Sony’s committed PlayStation Platinum headphones. Indeed we’d contend that it’s essentially an unthinkable assignment – the Sony headphone has a phenomenal blend of cost and execution. In the event that the Platinum is excessively costly, we’d entirely suggest the Gold form as well, which is about $40/£30 less, however, doesn’t exactly offer a similar nature of sound or the additional metallic trim.


The 50mm drivers perhaps do not have a little power at the low-end yet they have a noteworthy dimension of clearness to their general sound. They likewise conveniently attach to your PS4 offering game-explicit sound profiles. Be that as it may, the enormous tick for them is the 7.1 virtual encompass that connections into those profiles. Indeed, that and the reality your headphone battery will probably outlive your controller’s as well.


It’s important that as both the Platinum and Gold headphones are Sony PlayStation official, they have been structured in view of the PlayStation VR headphone as well. This implies they will fit perfectly and easily on your head when wearing the headphones related to the PSVR gear. Look at the best PlayStation VR packages here to finish such a bundle.

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  1. Razer Nari Ultimate

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An incredible remote headphone… with thunder




  • Hypersense is inconceivable


  • Excellent battery life


  • Great sound from 50mm drivers




  • Haptic criticism isn’t for everybody


  • Quite expensive


Features And What We Like About It:


Acoustic structure: Closed Back


Drivers: 50mm


Weight: 430g


Similarity: PS4, PS4 Pro


The Razer Nari Ultimate is the main gaming headphone with thunder usefulness. Truly, this PS4 headphone will really vibrate when you hear greater sounds (in spite of the fact that, you can impair this capacity), and it does really have any kind of effect to how submerged you feel in the game. It’s what Razer called Hypersense innovation, and keeping in mind that it won’t really upset the gaming experience, it’s one that we recommend.


With respect to the remainder of the headphone, well, you’re getting an extremely incredible remote model here. The battery life is fantastic, checking in around 8 hours with haptic criticism empowered, and 20 hours without it, so you’re not always reviving during long sessions. The association is extraordinarily strong as well, with very nearly zero loss of sound, and the headphone is shockingly light and open to, which means you won’t generally feel it on your head except if you’re playing for broadened sessions. The recurrence reaction range doesn’t exactly coordinate the Steel Series Arctic Pro, so the sound isn’t exactly as fresh for non-gaming applications, yet this is a loudly decent PS4 headphone with a key component that you won’t discover in some other model.

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  1. Beyerdynamic Custom Game

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A splendid premium headphone, with additional comfortable




  • Fantastic sound


  • Sturdy and agreeable


  • Excellent mic




  • A bit terrible


  • Relatively costly


Features And What We Like About It:


  • Acoustic configuration: Closed Back


  • Cable length: 1.5m


  • Weight: 282g


  • Drivers: 50mm


  • Compatibility: PS4, PC, Switch, telephones, tablets


What headphones work with PS4 controller? What amount would it be advisable for you to spend on a PS4 headphone? On the off chance that you have a higher spending plan, we can altogether prescribe the Beyerdynamic Custom Game headphones, in light of the fact that the sound quality and solace levels here are great. During our tests, it got minor subtleties in recreations like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 2, and the encompass sound was cultivated enough to get far off gunfire in Apex Legends and position it with fantastic precision. It’s presumably a standout amongst the best sound gadgets on this rundown, and the receiver – which comes fixed to the link – is clear.


It’s comfortable as well – never holding the head excessively tight, and with reasonable material for the ear-pads. In case you’re hoping to purchase a Beyerdynamic headphone, this is the one to get, as the MMX300 is unquestionably increasingly costly, offers second rate sound, and gets extremely hot when you use it. The Custom Game headphones are ideal for long gaming sessions while holding that predominant sound and tough form quality. The main issue here is that, truly, this is more costly than others and it offers less additional features than most. The sound quality, nonetheless, is the genuine excellence here.

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To answer, ‘What headphones work with PS4 controller?‘ the best recommendation is to review the headphones above and choose the ones that really have everything that you want when playing games.

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