The tax return is one of those things that a lot of taxpayers wait for anxiously…

Despite the fact that a lot of people do not take serious steps to ensure that they get their tax return as quickly as possible…

A good number of people are actually entitled to a lot cash…

However, although these people may genuinely be desiring to lay their hands on these monies, not all of them qualify for the same reasons.

Every year millions of people are due refunds for overpayments by the government. A recent report from the HMRC says about 4.8 million people are due a tax rebate for the 2016-17 tax year!

Average refunds are between £400 and £500. In the last 2 years we have filed tax refunds for clients from £400 – £9,000. HMRC pay the refund directly to our client, all ethically done in the shortest possible time, and we don’t take a percentage.

We are going to look at some of the reasons why some people get the tax rebates, while others do not get the tax rebate that they desire:

PAYE Overpayment

Many of our clients thought at first that an online tax return service did not affect them, or ‘they didn’t need our service right now’. That was until they realised they could actually claim a tax refund, even if they are not running a business. Quite often employers over calculate the income tax on monthly payslips. So the chances are even if you’re in 9-5 employment you could benefit. This is especially popular for people transitioning from employment to self-employment, or starting up their own business or side hustle.

Faulty Overpayments

The first reason why someone can claim a tax rebate is when that person has wrongly filled the tax return (in genuine error) and in the process been forced to pay more than he was supposed to pay. When such a person realizes that indeed there was an overpayment, the person is at liberty to contact the Revenue and Customs office and then tell them about the situation that he or she is in. He will also be allowed to apply for a refund that equals the amount that has been wrongfully overpaid.

Wrong Tax Code

Many people are due rebates that will not get paid automatically, because they need to be brought to the HMRC’s attention. If you pay emergency tax or are on the wrong tax code, you could be due a significant refund. If you lost your job and did not work the complete tax year, you are probably due to receive a rebate.

CIS Construction

If you work on a CIS basis in the construction industry, you should receive a refund. There are many circumstances across all business sectors that could result in a rebate cheque.

Business Expenses

The other reason why people are usually due a tax rebate is simply the fact that there are certain expenses that may have been business expenses that were supposed to be written off, but which were never written off. In such cases, you as the taxpayer are at liberty to contact the office of the HMRC and notify them on the problem that you will be having. You can then use this opportunity to apply for your tax rebate so that it can be at your advantage.

Do It Yourself

Filling a tax rebate form can sometimes turn out to be too complicated if you have never filled one out before. Although, you can spend hours or days researching and reading through the full HMRC guidance notes yourself.

Different individuals may find himself in a different situation while completing a tax rebate form. It is very essential that you first go through the form before starting to fill it. Here are a few things you need to know before filling a tax rebate form.

Complete all the necessary tax rebate forms

Make sure that you have the required tax forms. In fact, tax forms are different for different types of individuals. For instance, a student has to include a P38 form with his/her application. If you are arriving in the country, you need to fill the P86 form. Choose the right form and fill it by reading the instructions given on it.

Keep a copy of all your tax documents

Your tax documents are very crucial and you need to keep them with you for at least a period of six years. While submitting your forms, you need to include a copy of your tax documents along with it. If you currently do not have your tax documents or you have lost them, you can ask your employer for a copy. Keeping a copy of all the tax documents avoids future confusion and troubles.

Do not delay

Most of us have a habit in waiting until the last moment for taking up a particular paperwork task… Filling up a rebate form is one such thing that most people take too lightly. You need to keep in mind that if you do not claim your tax rebate for a long time, it expires. Therefore, it is essential that you fill up your rebate form without causing any delay.

Why Wait?

The best plan of action is to not just sit and wait for your refund cheque. Even if you receive a payment automatically from the HMRC, you may still be leaving money on the table. Very often, applications once submitted get lost or move to a wrong place. It is your own responsibility to check whether your claim is in process or not.

Therefore, you need to stay updated with the status of your claim. Trust the experts at Tax Twerk to help you get what you’re entitled to. Remember that you can claim a rebate for up to four years. Use our free online rebate calculator and self-assessment tax return to determine how much the HMRC owes you or contact us for a free tax rebate consultation.

With so many affected, there are bound to be even more delays than usual at the Inland Revenue office. Start the process of applying for your refund now.

We’re here to help so why not get in touch today!

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