Ways To Make Money Online

Ways To Make Money Online – How to Find the Best Selling Dropshipping Products

There are many new business opportunities and ways to make money online.

In this article we are discussing how to start your own dropshipping business as ways to make money online.

We have been doing a lot of research in this area and it is a proven successful way to generate income online. One of the advantages is that it is relatively affordable to start the business with no money or at a low cost.

So how does it work?

Well, there are a couple of resources that you will need before you begin your own drop shipping business to make money online. But don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg the main things that you will need a website social media such as Instagram and Facebook and you need to choose a platform, such as Oberlo or Amazon. It is possible to get going for under $100.

The drawback is though of course you will not guaranteed to make money overnight and you need to put in some sweat equity to grow your brand, grow your business, and grow your marketing exposure. This is where your creativity and tenacity really comes into play.

For example, if you are really into fashion, jewellery, fitness or beauty, you can collaborate and sponsor other big Instagram accounts, or social influencers, and this is a way that you can grow your business when they promote your products. Their fans who also like your product will purchase it from your website and then you can fulfill the orders.

Another advantage of dropshipping is the fact that you do not need any inventory and you do not need to stop the products yourself that is all done by your supplier and you are really in charge of marketing and managing your site.

In the next section we will talk about how to start.

There are lots of ways to find best selling products for dropshippers. Some of these methods may be no-brainers, like asking around and doing general searches, but a fantastic way to research popular products would be to utilize the advanced search function on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Considering you will likely be performing your selling on websites like these anyway, they provide a central place for all your dropshipping needs.

-Retail Arbitrage-

There are people as young as 15 who have become millionaires through arbitrage. In this scenario it’s quite simple they find something that is selling very low on one platform for example eBay and then they relist it and sell it for a Higher price on another website such as Amazon. They then pocket the difference, which is their profit.


Then it’s a case of rinse and repeat and doing it over and over again with many different products over a period of time. This works well for some people and it’s up to you to decide if this is a method that you want to use.


For the online auction website, the approach is quite simple. Once you’re on the eBay home page, click on advanced search. From here you can type in keywords for the types of items you would like to sell. By way of example, if you would like to sell lawn chairs you can type this in the keyword search.

Next, you need to sort the results from the highest price first. This gives you an idea of what the maximum prices are for your kind of product and helps you determine how you need to be pricing your products. The lаst thіng уоu nееd tо dо іs сhесk the box marked ‘completed listings.’ What wе wаnt tо dо hеrе іs lооk аt all the recent sales which were successful for this item, rather than seeing those still up for auction.

From this simple search, you can see what types of products are frequently selling. You can also see just how much those things are selling for and how long ago it was when they last offered. It’s these types of statistics that a thriving drop shipper will have to keep an eye on.


Amazon has a similarly easy system. From their home page, one can pick a category of products. By way of example, books, DVDs, or computer software. Once in this class, a brand new bar of options appears at the top of the screen for this type of product.

One of these new options is called ‘bestsellers.’ From here you can find what specific products are selling well in that class at the moment. As this list is updated hourly, it provides the drop shipper present information to work with. It also supplies the price for these products, how some other sellers are offering them and how long they’ve been popular.

Both Amazon and eBay’s search functions are invaluable tools to the dropshipper. They have simple, easy-to-use interfaces and they provide accurate, current information. The most appealing part of them, however, is that both are completely free to use.


There are far more ways to find high selling dropshipping products including, but not limited to, asking local businesses what’s popular, doing internet searches on your goods, or locating specific websites that monitor the popularity of your product.

For example, a website that monitors the highest rated and most rented video games may help you find which ones to sell and which ones not to.

These methods can also help the new dropshipper, but a mixture of many unique sources will allow you to find the best products to sell.

YouTube also has an abundance of online business trainers and success stories from those who have tried and tested dropshipping and other ways to make money online.

The important factor is choosing a niche and method that you will be happy to stick with for many years and provide value to others, instead of hoping for an overnight payday.

If you would like to do further research check out our reviews on affiliate marketing and other online business ideas in the online marketing category.

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