Ways to Make Money as a Single Mom and Lockdown 2020

In these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many families felt overwhelmed and insecure. This is normal to feel as humans we rely on a controlled source of income to maintain some form of mental well-being. We hate feeling out of control. So if your employment has been questioned it is a worrying time.  I came up with some ideas that are helping people to earn extra money. And in this article, we will discuss ways to make money as a single mom and lockdown 2020.

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We often forget as mothers that we have already navigated this feeling from the very act of motherhood. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


4 Ways to Make Money as a Single Mom

1. Upwork

Upwork is a great platform for finding odd jobs with a range of different payouts based on customer budget and often experience making it a very easy way to win on the block. You may have to go through a lot of really weird jobs and low-paying jobs.  But occasionally an excellent one pops up that makes the screening worthwhile. At least it’s worth setting up a free account and browsing.

2. Fiverr

At Fiverr you can set up an account and sell all kinds of products and services. Find fitness programs here podcasts and intros for voicemail and social media marketing.

Your creativity as an outlet for anxiety works very well because it gives you an opportunity to not only do something you enjoy.  But it also gives you a sense of control every time you finish a piece.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is my favorite online social media platform. Or if you already use Instagram or Facebook you can do online networking on those sites too. LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to start conversations that inspire ideas and build a real community. You will find many excellent connections here and in the past, people have been offered work contracts worth £ 35-50k per year. Or for example, you can find your own rich clients who may up to £100 an hour for training sessions while in the UK.

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    LinkedIn Ways to Make Money as a Single Mom and Lockdown 2020

Currently in the face of the pandemic people with great continuity share views to connect recruiters.  And companies with job seekers so they can regain the potential for pent-up income if they lose job stability.



If you like to flex your expert muscles and get to HARO – Help a Reporter Out is incredible. You can sign up for free to answer email inquiries 3 times a day on all kinds of topics. You don’t get paid for this, so it’s not exactly a way to earn the block, but if you want to drive traffic to your website or get to know your area of ​​expertise better, it’s a great way to do it.

There are often a large number of responses, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get one answer for all of them.


Before you go, I hope this above article ways to make money as a single mom and lockdown 2020 is helpful and informational for you.


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