Unemployment Cash Advance Apps

Either you are jobless or seeking a job, but being unemployed is not an enjoyable feeling. A lot of things are stuck like repair, utility bills, well-being, and many more. You might need to access immediate money, but you are unable to arrange it. However, many applications are available online, here are the top unemployment cash advance apps.

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From now on, you do not have to worry if you are unemployed. Social Security, Unemployment benefits, veteran benefits, public assistance, and much more support are provided to you through these apps. Have a look for them as follows:

1. Brigit

An amount of $250 will be provided to you in advance whenever you need it. Brigit offers you financial help, notifications of the overdraft, and a free plan through its application. Automatic deposits, free plans, and paid plans are required to access the advance payment. Avail of this app and resolve your daily routine issues.

2. Daily Pay

Marketing to employers Daily pay is provided instead of marketing to the consumers. You can put working hours and get amount accordingly. If you are employed, you will get an advance payment option. For the unemployed, it provides advance cash. You can conveniently cash out the money because every day amount is taken into the bank. A minimal fee of $1.25 will be charged for the money transfer.

3. Rainy Day Lending

Rainy day offers you a rapid personal loan. However, it does not contribute to wage advances or is a lender. You can get your money till next business day by its quick deposit of loan. Moreover, Rainy Day Lending accepts every kind of credit. You have the option to quit a loan anytime when you consider overdraft charges, insufficient fund fees, and loan interest rates of payday.

4. Money Lion

Cash advances of above $250, investment accounts, financial tracking, mobile bank, credit builder loan, and other facilities are offered to you via Money Lion. When you qualify for a checking account, you can gain an option of Instacash advance. Create a Money Lion account for free access to the advance payment; otherwise, a fee will be charged to you for rapid Money Lion funds. 

5. FlexWage

Employees can access their earned wages before the end of the month. Moreover, the unemployed can also take benefit from the advance payments. You will get stress-free after using this app because you do not have to pay payroll advances to the administration for the sum of money. FlexWage also offers reloadable payroll debit cards. Further, it assists those who do not have any bank account.


To sum up, unemployment cash advance apps are built to help provide finance t unemployed folks. Many individuals cannot access the loans or advances due to bank requirements or anything else. These apps are provided here to give you relief of money whether you are employed or unemployed. It is rational to prepare yourself for the unemployment condition in advance when you are employed by getting the benefit of the apps.

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