Too LATE To Start Dropshipping In 2018? *SORRY TO SAY THIS*

Is it too late to start Shopify Dropshipping in 2018? This video will definitely prove a lot of people wrong.


No, it isn’t too late to start dropshipping. Shopify will never be dead, e-commerce isn’t a “bubble” its a vital part of the economy. If you can’t make sales it is because you couldn’t manage to figure it out and if you “fail” then that’s because you didn’t have the perseverance to keep on going.

I hope this puts things clear for you, and is very informative. I’ll break down exactly how Shopify will never become saturated like Amazon, why dropshipping will never ever ever become over saturated to the point where it’s impossible to make sales, and also the current gaps in the market that you can take advantage of to succeed as a dropshipper.

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– The Realistic Entrepreneur

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