Tips To Help Bolster Your Accounting Resume

Tips To Help Bolster Your Accounting Resume

When you are applying for a job in finance you will want to have a great looking resume. This is going to be when you will want to use some tips to make your resume stand out from the rest of those on the human resource directors desk.

1. Make sure the layout is functional
When you are typing out your resume make sure you have it in chronological order as this emphasizes experience. However, this is not the best way to present the resume. You may want to consider a hybrid layout that is going to be both functional and chronological at the same time. This is going to start with the skill sets that you have, but also a reverse listing of your work experience.

If you are just graduating you will want to make sure you put down your career goals that are broad. When you are doing this, you may even want to consider replacing the objective with a short paragraph that highlights your skills and what you have done. This will allow you to customize your resume for the position that you are applying for. Our advice is to use a custom resume as templates can suck a bit and if you don’t believe us then read this piece on why downloading a resume template isn’t a good idea.

2. Experience Matters
When you are looking for a job you will want to make sure you put down your work experience as this is an emphasis you cannot overlook. The work section does not need to be limited to accounting jobs. You will want to make note of paid or unpaid jobs, contract and temp jobs, but also any volunteer work that may have to deal with finance.

In the education you will want to make sure you put down anything that is related to fundraising, budget-keeping or even planning an event.

3. Skills Mining
The skills you list are better, but the more specific ones are the best option. Often, an organization will use a filter to reduce the number of applications based off of keywords.

Even if you are missing out the professional experience it does not mean you are missing the skills. When you are a new grad you will want to put down the experience you have gained from an internship, the volunteer work you did, an extracurricular activity, or even the courses you took.

You will find that you do not always need to have the technical expertise as you will notice that you have to get a rounded set of skills to do the job. You will want to make sure you have some skills listed that could involve communicating with people, reliability, and even how you can solve problems.

4. Check grammar
Often the reason why you resume will fail to send out is poor grammar or bad selection of verbs to use. A great way to change this is to make sure you are using very strong action verbs. You will not want to say contribute or provide those are weak, but when you have designed or spearheaded those tend to be stronger.

You will want to start each sentence with an active and strong verb. When you have something like included managing the budget and sales accounts it looks weak, but with active verbs it would be supervised the sales accounts and analyzed and properly balanced the budget it becomes stronger and more concise.

Once again do not forget to proofread again!

5. Send It And Keep On Going
After you have sent in the resume you can take a short break. However, if you do not hear back in a couple of weeks you should follow up that you are interested in the position. You will want to make sure you point out the value that you would hold to a company that you admire so much. You do not want to be push about the job, but do not get upset either.

It will take time while you are waiting for a response so make sure you customize your resume for each employer to improve your chances of getting noticed.

Faithful in your success! 

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